"Does the unreasonable brilliance wafting out of my por

…fill your tiny little heart with fear"

I never need to hear this again as long as i live

A person said that to you? I would spill my drink on them, well maybe not but for real that happened?

Okay, so NM I get it now, it’s from the little drop down solidworks thing, I just never let it play before

haha, yeah sorry that was a bit of a random post - just discovered the ‘off-topic’ section and that pop up thing was annoying the cr@p out of me…

geee, it didn’t seem to annoy anyone else. :wink:


hilarious. i can totally appreciate ads need to be online and that the ad industry & print media is in dire times, so maybe its a necessary evil to keep people in jobs right now.

but anyway, “the unreasonable brilliance wafting out of your pores doesnt fill my tiny little heart with fear” it just reminds me of how good the tv series ‘the office’ is, and how not funny some ad writers are.

but necessary. ahem.

geek on!