Does the DYSON work?

I want one.

But, does it work?

Do they last?

First hand experience wanted. I know all the review sites! But I hope to find some more fundamental feedback here.

Thank you for answering.

Yes. I’ve been very happy with mine (A refurbed DC07 - the oldest most basic model). My only complaint is that it worked great on my old carpet, but when I put new carpet in my house the brushbar stopped being as effective - sometimes crud that had worked itself under the top layer of fibers won’t come up, so I have to push down with my foot on the brush bar area to get it to really scrub those portions of the carpet.

I also haven’t been super impressed by the DC07’s hard floor usage, usually on hard floors I use the wand and attach the brush head - covers a small area but works very well. (I’m also pretty OCD when it comes to vacuuming, so for me that might even be a bonus).

My sister has the DC15 (the old ball model) and is very happy with it since she has 2 cats, and my brother has the new slim version and I haven’t heard any complaints either.

Personally I’m still a huge fan of my 15 year old Electrolux canister Vac. It just has a super powerful brush which works great since half my house is 1970’s shag carpet - and the Dyson was made in an era where shag wasn’t a concern, so it falters in those areas. But in terms of design, and portability, and overall performance I’m very happy with mine.

From what I’ve heard, people are having problems with long term reliability.

They sure do look like they work though. They look like something in a public works facility or power plant or something engineered to accomplish a precision activity. Maybe their largest success is using the correct visual language to communicate their purpose.

This is also your cue to come on and proclaim that jd is a genius, (which I wouldn’t disagree with, very bright guy, Ive used some of their brochures to influence my portfolio) and that you and your friends have personally tested every vacuum that has ever rolled off the line and have never had any problems.

I just got the slim, it is awesome. I never thought I’d say that about a vacuum, but well, I just did. I have 2 cats and got a dog almost a year ago, and the hair output of those critters is just over the top. I had a Bosch vacuum, which was nice, but really just couldn’t keep up.

I hope the dyson lasts- though its really easy to break down the components and you can order parts from their site. My friend found a DC07 in the trash, needed a new cord and a few other bits which he got online, cleaned it up and it worked great.

they tend to rank low on performance in Consumer Reports tests, (particularly for the pice) all bagged models outclean any non-bagged and any self propelled model outcleans anything else. (the suction to the floor is so tight that many older or small/weak users could not push them around)

I have one- It is good but I get the impression that it is not worth the money. Emptying it is a pain. A bag would definitely be nice- or a way to get rid of dust less messily. A lot of the “dust” seems to be pulled up carpet. And the cyclone tends to fluff things up a bit, making it appear like there is a lot more dust than there is.

The whole transparent canister is marketing genius- it gives you a certain amount of satisfaction of having cleaned up.

It was 90F here yesterday so we had our doors open. Later there were crazy bugs and moths flying all around our house.
I grabbed my Dyson DC07 “Animal” (ironic?) and my wife and I were literally sucking the things out of the air, each with a satisfying “THUNK!”

Very entertaining!

Other than bugs, we use it on our hardwood floors, carpet, and cars. It works like a champ and we’re always amazed at how much it picks up.


  • Too many parts = tolerance stackup issue. It should be more solid.
  • Bulky = hard to lug around, too big to fit under the furniture.
  • No headlight.
  • No auto-cord wrap (but I love the extra length.)
  • Too easy to hit the power toggle.
  • Loud.
  • Brush heads get clogged with long fibers/hair and its a pain to clean out.
  • Scares the dog–even when off.

Despite that, I’ve been very satisfied with it and would expect to continue using it with maintainance for at least 10 years.


haha cg- the Dyson scares the daylights out of my dog as well :slight_smile:

I have never understood the need for a headlight on a vacuum. Do you do a lot of vacuuming in the dark?

I actually call this thing the “Emperor’s New Vacuum”

I had wanted one for ages. My wife hads a vacuum fetish but wouldn’t spend the money. I gave the ID pitch and convinced her we should get it. Neither one of us could stand it. The hose attachment is not intuitive to use. I dumped the entire contents of the dirt chamber on my foot and floor the first time I went to empty it (again not intuitive).

On the way back to Target to return it we stopped by my mother-in-laws and she has had one for two years. I asked her to show me how the hose worked because I thought I had something wrong. She had it backwards and was vacuuming with the small wrong end of the tube. IT worked much better turned the correct way, but it is less user friendly to attach.

I’m glad to rid of it. We picked up a Dirt Devil for WAY less money and are very happy with it.

Thank´s to the collective genius for all the input.

I went to big local hardware store today to have a look at Dyson and Miele.
I am not convinced yet.

The sales rep. was pretty good at his job, hanging the sucking Dyson with its cleaning head at the wall.
It stayed attached!

But one must know, that the cleaning head of the dyson is much lighter than conventional ones. So, one can´t guess
if it sucks like hell or this test does…

Afterwards I had a look at the Miele. It wasn´t much weaker, if any, and it might be more Allergy safe.
(Because of the bag).

But the Dyson was decidedly more fun to use. And loud like a harley.
I think I´ll do some more testing to justify my emotional choice.

Thank you for your reading and posting.

Yours mo-i

its used to pump up the Amp/Watt spec of the vacuum…that’s why you wont see it on the dyson, since they wouldn’t do daft things like that.

Interesting. I always thought vacuum headlamps felt more like a marketing checklist item than a truly useful item.

Yes actually, even with all the lights on there usually isn’t light where you’re vacuuming, particularly under tables, beds etc.

Plus have you ever put a flashlight flat on the floor? You’d be surprised at what you find even on seemlingly clean floors.

I think the ideal setup would be a row of white LED’s as low as possible, aimed in parallel with the floor to accomplish both of these things at once.

Rechargeable vacuum cleaner with LED spotlight
US Patent Issued on September 19, 2006 "

That was close.

I for one think it makes sense. Since childhood I read in bed and though always have a flashlight there.
When it drops to the floor scary amounts of debris reflect the light.

Now I Think I want an LED - flashlighted Dyson.

Thank You…

Ya, I think I have done this once before. I also remember vowing to never do it again…yuck! :smiley:

Bought the Dyson.

DC 20 Stowaway Animal Pro

We are perfectly satisfied so far. Not much to tell after 3 days.
It really sucks like hell.

It´s screamingly loud as well and makes cleaning up a fun thing
for the two of us.

One will see how long it lasts.

Thank you for your input on this topic.

Yours mo-i

I don’t find my Dyson all that loud…of course our Previous vacuums were 1970’s Electrolux canister vacs that sounded like a 747, so maybe I have little room to complain.

All I know is I can play music while vacuuming and can actually hear it…with the electrolux’s good luck.

I had the handheld one. It had really short battery life, like 5 min before it needed a re-charge. During those 5 min it worked pretty well. Then after a few months…the battery refused to take a charge. I had 3 replacement batts sent, very nice phone people, still no luck, and then I had 2 new chargers sent. I tried all the battery-charger combinations. No charge. It went into the garbage last spring. Too bad. I really liked how weird it looked.