Does my portfolio seem to wordy?

or my work is also on Coroflot of course. Chad Fulton in Columbus, OH

I don’t think it’s too wordy but rather the wrong words.

If I were you, I would kick out all the “I did this” and “I thought that”.
That conversational tone is good for the interview but not for the portfolio.
This will give you the chance to condense it down further if you feel that it get’s a little on the wordy side.

I would also reconsider the photos and images you have. It all looks a little dull and boring.
Take your photographs into photoshop and give them the levels treatment or re-shoot.
If something screams “student project”, it’s yellow tinted product photos.

Yeah I am considering re-shooting those shots or getting someone to re-shoot them for me with a higher end camera. I’m also considering pulling one of the smaller projects in favor of showing more sketching, 3-D modeling, graphic work, or some of my Package Design projects instead. Does anybody have thoughts on my choice to use a photoshopped sketch as my final shots rather than a 3-D model. I guess at the time I was trying to do something a little different to stand out but it seems like it’s making me look a little “low-tech” and outdated instead.