Does it hurt you to take work at an Engineering firm?

I have recently taken up a mechanical drafter position for an engineered products company, and while I quickly realized I made the right decision switching from Mech. Eng. to I.D., it pays well better than flipping burgers. My burning question is this, I want to consult, will consulting firms be eager to hire a designer who has been at an engineering firm for a few months? What are some things I can do to help my odds?

absorb as much engineering knowledge as you can and
make those learnings evident in your portfolio

I was hoping to hear things like that. I was worried that I would work for this company and get stuck on that track. During the interviews they seemed interested in my design background, telling me all of their designers were in their 60’s and would be retiring.

also, they use NX, I haven’t heard a lot about it, is it primarily for engineers or would that be a marketable design skill to have?