Does Bang and Olufsen Design?

Many people have asked me these questons, so, i thought I’d get a shout out from the CoreCommunity here.

  1. Does BO design products? Do you consider their prooducts designed?

  2. Are they purely about Aestetics , and not much on funtion?

  3. Do they have an in-house team? if so, why does it take them so many years to refresh products? Do they need to?

4.What are your thoughts about their designs? Amazing, just extrusions, toooo simple, perfect, all brand?

I wanted to design for BO when i found out about ID, which was around the time i turned 16.

I read somewhere about their design process, it had pics of some models and stuff. it seems like they have a small design team, but more of ‘we find you’ kind of thing. also from the names i read they all sounded scandinavian, which might mean they are a tight group to try to get into.

I think their products are well designed. their simplicity of form and clean, modern detail appeal to me. They also seem to innovate (superficial innovation?) in engineering with their sound-equipment. If they were priced the same as a panasonic or aiwa equivalent, i would definetly buy B&O, but im not shelling out thousands of dollars for a look or not-so-essential added features.

They look hot, but not so much for the price…

I always love turning to Core for this kind of stuff:
Some half-ass student who thinks they know everything about design cause they go to a “design school,” giving a critique on a product or some other students work.

BTW Bang designs are weak.

Inyo Fase. Wow. that’s clever. Clever guy.

B&O design goes up and down. They have been around alot longer than most people think, and before we had computers to adjust everything, they provided the most reasonable design solutions to organizing a zillion and one functions on a piece of stereo equipment. In other words they created modernist aesthetics with doors on them to hide rarely used functions.

Today we have immense amounts of processing power and cheap memory. I really like Bose equipment for using digital equipment to adjust the sound for the consumer, than to expect the consumer to spend thousands of dollars to be confused about how to set up his equalizer. I think B&O is doing more of this now…I haven’t really kept up.

I think their CD changer is still one of the most individual, innovative and quality electronics designs out there…a real benchmark.

hmm. yeah, lots of designers around me have always said B+O is so simple it’s as if they are not designing, though they are…even if it takes them a hella long time to come out with stuff… They do have their share of “extruded” shapes desgin, but i guess that will always be modern in some sense. Their stuff is almost as simple as the products shown on “plusMinusZero”

this simplicity topic seems to be more apparent as technology ages… much like IDEOS whole “design without thought” studies…

Question: if B+O is one of those Design to be simple type of companies…what is simple, what is too simple, when is simple not enough, or is simple actually complex?

  • Yes this is design.
  • They of course think about function, in their own way ( try to use some of their products, they have some nice interaction between them and some really nice details and ideas )
  • Jacob Jensen and David Lewis designed most of the B&Olufsen Stuffs. As far as i know they don’t have in-house design.
  • their design is eficient and simple
  • Inyo Fase is really narrow minded

I’m right, get over it.