Does Anyone Use Tapatalk?

Are you still using Tapatalk even though the new version is mobile friendly?

I do! But some reason tried to reply this through Tapatalk but gives me an error message. Right now I’m through browser and it looks good! Gonna try to post some images on another topic and see how it works. Cheers!

From mobile browser tried to upload 4 pictures (500kb each) and only 1 got posted.

Hmm, none of mine are getting uploaded. I will troubleshoot.

That worked, I think there is an upload progress dialogue that we are not seeing. Will troubleshoot further

So, you have to give it time to actually upload the images. You can sort of see each line item load.

Test, trying to upload 4 images

Failed, here are the screenshots of the attempt

See the last filename? It didn’t finish uploading your files. See how it’s lighter and missing a “Place Inline” button? Let the upload complete before you hit submit. Looks like your screenshots uploaded :slight_smile:

In that case, 3 pictures should’ve been uploaded and not 1… tried again but the 4th file doesn’t change color after several minutes.

I won’t be now that this mobile version is so great. Tapatalk got overly bloated and confusing the last few years.

Still can’t upload more than 3 images. Also the UI could be better, adding a percentage bar seems nonsense to me but maybe a simple checkmark will tell me when image is already uploaded.

I’ll get it working better this week.

Try now Rodrigo

Here trying to upload 4 images but regardless of file size, only 2 of them got the check mark (nice improvement). Or maybe it it’s a matter of size? Oh that’s a broad question lol

Sorry I don’t to clog this topic with back and forths but seems like all this time the maximum was 3 files… I swear this is my last post here :stuck_out_tongue:

I changed it to 5, will that be enough?

Oh I’m not the one to decide on that… fast answer? Guess 5 is ok… would be great if some other members could bring in some input and opinions about it!