Does anyone use ISDX?

I just recently started using ISDX to design on Pro/E, I think it’s a pain, especially after using Alias for many years. Any advice or opinions?

Have you tried to get some help from PTC? Their website is usually filled with numerous tutorials. It’s You are being redirected

There are also training courses available for ISDX. They’re alittle pricey, but well worth the money (especially, if the company pays for it). Check out

i have it. but as a long-time Pro user i dont much need or use it. better than CDRS tho.

ISDX, or Styln’ & Profilyn’

I even went and got “trained” on it, but never seem to need it. I can pretty much do whatever I need through advanced surfacing. I hate the fact that you can’t do three sided boundary surfs with it.

Didn’t they just take the basic CDRS functionality and turn it into the IDSX module? It’s not integrated enough into the rest of Pro for me.

I am in a similar situation. I used Alias exclusively for 5+ years and about 3 months ago gave in and started using Wildfire 2. You are right in that ISDX is a far cry from Alias, even 5+ year old versions of Alias. Clunky curve manipulation is my biggest complaint. It takes me perhaps 3 times as long to manipulate a curve in ISDX as it does in Alias and I don’t think it’s just because I know Alias better. Being limited to degree 3 geometry is a pain, too. That being said, with an Alias background, I couldn’t imagine using Pro/E without ISDX. I’m impressed that ykh and others can get by without it.

The thing that has helped me the most is just realizing that good surfacing fundamentals should translate well across many packages. Alias modeling theory will be largely transferrable to ISDX, provided said theory was truly sound in Alias. The tools will have different names and might behave slightly differently, but there are enough commonalities that you will be able to figure things out. I think of it as learning a new language in that when one does so, he/she learns more about his/her native language. My surfacing skills in Alias have improved as a result of having to figure out how to do things in Pro/E.

I think the design-engine guys can build entire parts in ISDX, but I find myself bouncing back and forth between ISDX and regular Wildfire features to get what I want.

I’ve also found that Pro does some nice things that Alias doesn’t and if I can focus on those, I miss Alias less. Perhaps it’s a mind game in that respect. I’m no Class A automotive surfacing expert, but from what I can tell, PTC has a long way to go before they can touch Alias’ surfacing and curve creation/editing tools. In the meantime, I’m doing as much as I can with the tools that are there.

Sorry I don’t have a magic bullet, but hopefully this helps a little. In short, accept it for what it is. Not Alias, but still very valuable, often in ways that Alias isn’t. As far as the interface goes, I will hope that it gets more efficient with time.

Thanks for the responses, they’ve been very helpful. It seems like many people dread ISDX, does this mean I should forgo ISDX in favor of Advanced Surface (ASX)? It would seem like a waste of money since I have the ISDX module. Also, would I be able to create every type of surface with Advanced Surface that I can with ISDX? Thanks again!

ISDX is very effective and useful as long as you know what you’re doing. I recently learned how to use it and I learned from one the best and that is from proetools education.