Does anyone use Bunkspeed Move with Solidworks?

I’ve been learning how to use this program, but I’ve been getting mixed results. My renderings aren’t picking up nice highlights, like they should. Does anyone have any similar experiences or advice?

Hi -

I’d be happy to help!

It may be easier to repost this as well in the bunkspeed forum:

First things first, can you post an image of a result you’re getting right now that you’re not happy with?

Without seeing anything i have some guesses:

  • contrast of the environment may not be enough…try increasing the brightness a little bit and reducing the gamma a little bit
  • material roughness (if applicable) may be too much or too little
  • Do you have radii modeled or is your model hard edges?

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Haha…talk about a small world!

I’ll try your suggestion and then post the modified image on the bunkspeed forum. Thanks!

To sachin - Did you have success with your image now?

Talk soon

Showcase is better.

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I loved bunkspeed/hypershot, then the split happened, and bunkspeed RUINED every single aspect of what made hypershot great. Quick to use, easy to figure out, etc. Eff bunkspeed.