does anyone still using blue lead for sketching?

hi all

just wondering if 2mm blue lead is still a favourite medium for sketching compare to black lead. and why?


these days, its mostly for idiots who do it due to monkey see monkey do. they themselves have no idea why they use the quintessential “blue pencil.” as if, its the official “look” of a loose ID sketching.

it was originally used by engineers and architects in the old days when the copying technology was primitive and the blue sketch lines wouldnt show up.

I use a blue pencil. Then I can do a blackline on top of it and SCAN the sketch without blue showing up.
Guest sounds like a no talent cadmonkey. Talk about monkey see monkey do. Probably got taught by a no-talent dickhead who hated blue pencils.

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Professionals. . … . . . . . . . ?

IMO, i think blue lead sketches compliment with the whiteness of the paper thus giving the illustration and it certainly give a “lightness” feel as compare to using black lead. Even when i cramp the paper using blue lead it does not look messy and to me that’s one of the big advantages. :smiley:

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I use a blue lead, sometimes a black pen, sometimes whatever is handy.

And contrary to what “guest” said about not knowing the function of the blue lead, I did know why blue lead was traditionally used.

…many years ago at uni we used prizma 936 slate grey for roughing in lines…now i use the 2mm blue mechanical pencil…no sharpening needed…

i swear, i could use a blunt no.2 yellow “china” pencil and i still kick ass.

why is this?

gone were the good old days when every stroke counts!!!

I like using blue sometimes because I’m very heavy handed. With a black prisma, no matter how light I press, I still get very visible ghost lines that add up and can get muddy. The blue doesn’t show up as much so my ghosts are less visible. Then when I scan and make it grayscale, my dark blues are as dark as black and the ghost lines stay invisible. I do the same thing with a really hard 4h or 6h lead…gives really thin light lines that’ll stay invisible when I want them to. Also much less sharpening.

I use a blue pencil all the time. Then when I scan my sketches (after they have had a black outline added) I scan it with a pretty heavy contrast and then my sketch lines do not show up. I do this usually for my more refined sketches, when I do the simple drawings I just use a regular pen or pencil.