Does anyone remember - software for layout of shapes?

I´m looking for a piece of (free?) software that I think I saw on Core77 a while back. It could be used to layout various shapes in a fixed area to get the optimum result with minimum material wastage - it could be used when cutting pieces from a sheet of material.

Does anyone remember the name of the software or have a link to something similar, please?


I’d like to see that, too. Most nesting software is not free.

Ah, ok - I didn´t know what the name was for that type of program. It still gives no results in a search though. Sounds like a handy piece of software, no?
Maybe I saw it somewhere else/dreamt it…

More searching came up with this:

Could be it! I´ll have a look.

There are also various online apps/plugins if you work with Rhino, it seems. (Ok, have answered my own question!)

Quick google gave me these:

and this page has a few near the top, at various prices, some are free:

Perfect - thanks Skinny!