Does anyone prefer Sketchbook Pro over Adobe Illustrator?


When being taught Illustrator a few semesters ago, I always hated using the pen tool, because it’s not like a “freehand” friendly tool and for me, it’s been hard to use and learn so I gave up on it prematurely. I hear people prefer it in order to create accurate lines, but ever since I discovered Sketchbook, I prefer it so much for creating line drawings. Does anyone prefer one over the other for sketching and does anyone think I should bother learning how to use Bezier curves and pen tool. Would not learning it be a handicap in a future ID career? Just curious. Thanks guys

ps- I am not saying I don’t want to learn Illustrator, as I like the other features… just not pen tool.

You are comparing apples with oranges.

cjs: You should learn as many tools as you can. Sketchpad is great for early sketching, but Illustrator is better as you start to refine orthographic views.

In Illustrator, you can cut and paste different shapes that you’ve drawn and can do a lot more with regards to textures. You also have more accurate color control (ie pantones). It is more structured than Sketchpad, but that’s what makes it better as you are trying to define your details.


Thanks for clarifying that for me, because it did not occur to me that using pen tool would be more accurate for something like an orthographic, especially creating multiple shapes, cutting and pasting them and for accurate shapes as well (especially of the same size!). I don’t actually dislike Pen tool, but its very frustrating to use (just like everything else, until you get the hang of it), so I will definitely give it time and go back and experiment with it some more. It would be better for me to know how to use it, as it would make me more well-rounded a designer. I just wasn’t really considering the necessity of having accurate dimensioned shapes in a drawing… ortho’s didn’t even enter my mind! That’s why i am a student- always learning. :slight_smile:

Thanks MR


Alias has the best of all worlds. 2D and 3D. Illustration and freehand techniques.

Alias is Sketchbooks big brother. The 2D tools are within the 3D environment so the interface is not as efficient as Sketchbook. However there is a Paint layout window, Painting Marking menus(Space bar with drawing tool selected) and layer controls similar to Adobe.

all of the curve and surface tools can be used to define shapes very similar to illustrator. i cant stand the pen tool but i can definitely use Alias’s curves tools and it even has the ability to sketch them with a tablet.

Freehand techniques can be intermixed with illustration giving you photoshop/illustrator in one.

at the end. the curves used for the refined sketch can be used for modeling.

if you are a student, ALIAS IS FREE.
log into the education site

what I have done a lot is to draw in CAD, for example solidworks and then export the different views to .dwg or .dxf

then it was easy to import to Illustrator to make some renderings, nice tech drawings and user scenario illustrations.

sketchpad is not really my thing… for sketching I like pen/paper and markers.