Does anyone know of a footwear specific CAD package?

I’m looking for a CAD pacakage that is specifically design for footwear. Does anyone know any and where i can get it?

from what I have seen footwear is still designed by either hand or adobe illustrator. I spoke with a designer and they simply send renderings to the manufacturer who then creates the moulds accordingly…

seems odd to me…

I was talking with a friend of mine who recently left the footwear industry- apparently there is a very specialized CAD program for this- I don’t know the name for it offhand.

Also he mentioned that Maya now has a package or add on for footwear as well. Mainly designers work in Illustrator, but as always, if you can learn the other tools you can control the final design that much more.

Rhino 3D has a footware adin (module, call it whatever)
I saw it a while ago in the Resource section of their site… let me check…


Expander Surface Expansion Plug-In for Rhino (Plug-In)

SoleCreator v3 Set of tools for design and scale soles (Plug-In)


so there…

Also I believe that SolidWorks (although too expensive IMHO) can be set up nicely with Design Tables that would mean that you just enter the size (or all 3 sizes, i forget what they are) and it would adjust your model automaticaly.