Does anyone know about the job market in Philadelphia?

I am an ID major, and I just finished my first year. I currently live in Philadelphia, and i was wondering if anyone more experienced (which you guys seem to be) knows anything about job opportunities and the pay scale. I know I have a while until I actually get into the job market, but I would like to start looking.

Oh, and what about internship?

I actually interviewed in philly - a couple years ago at what was then Owen Logik Studios - I think since then it’s become just Josh Owen Design… Anyways, they were cool but they are a non-paying internship - and it’s primarily conceptual products/furniture… you don’t get a whole lot of production work as you would find in other “larger” studios.

But… from that interview I was referred to a couple more ideal places I’d be suited for - ( ones that actually paid )…

Bressler Group - seems to be getting their stuff together these days … but when you send your portfolio - try sending at least 2… they seem to have an organizational problem - and tend to lose portfolios…
Also - they might turn you into a shop monkey and just build shit for them… Not bad for getting your foot in the door… but it isn’t going to help you get into other places…

The other one I’m familiar with is Duzeo Design… I remember their website having some pretty sweet stuff - check it out…

I worked corporate in Philly for many years. It’s a great town.

If you want low-paying experience but want a good atmosphere and a good platform to build from, check out Urban Outfitters.

There are alot of medical companies in the Philly region too, so corporate is a big possibility.

thanks, i was beginning to think that no one knew about the Philadelphia market; and I was taking it as a bad sign. One of my professors is married to a member of the Bressler group. She told me she would be the first person to recommend me for an internship, so i think that i will try there, but i believe they are always non-paying, which sucks.

I sent my stuff to Bressler for a full time position and I agree about the organization probs. I wasn’t sure if my samples I emailed were sent the first time, so I sent them another e-mail to see if they got it…nothing…I emailed them again…nothing :open_mouth:

Plus, Josh Owen is sort of a moron. Have you seen his work?

I’m pretty sure they’d pay…sheeeesh.
Peter Bressler is a very pleasant person. I enjoyed meeting him.
As far as I know they’re not looking for a junior designer right now. They got a couple of recent grads freelancing for them.