Does Anyone here use Autodesk Showcase?

We have a seat, and I’m looking for anyone else that uses it, or has used it to some degree.


or if you know anyone…

Just the rep that pitched it to us :slight_smile:

I can give you his name if you want

I’ve been using extensively for the past few weeks.

IMO it is FAR more userfriendly and capable than Hypershot. It is primarily GPU based (which means you’ll need a hefty Quadro card for complex assemblies) but the UI, texturing capabilities, and overall feature set really set it above Hypershot. The newest version adds real time raytracing which is great, despite the fact that my machine is too slow at the moment to use it. Plus they just lowered the price to $5k/seat which makes it much more competitive than the $30k they used to charge the automotive studios.

I wish I could share some images, but I haven’t done anything in it that isn’t confidential at this point.

Showcase price was just dropped to USD 995. Great value for the money!

Google > Images or Videos to see work done with the application.

I use it a ton. I find that it is really good out of the box, but with the ability to create and save materials and environments in your own library, you can make it really look like your own style.

plus half the time i dont even wait for the Raytracing. just hi-res hardware renderings and movies. I cranked out 10k x 10k images for a poster the other day. took just a few seconds to capture. Try that with Hypershot.