Does anyone have a 3D foot mold for Alias

Chello fellow foot heads. I was wondering if anyone of you who or have done shoes in Alias might have a 3D file of a foot to work around? I know CAD is not done soo much with IDers but im working on my final project and wanted to build it in Alias.

-The other question i have is does anyone know a place in the states that can produce or make prototypes of shoes. Looking on the ends of appeares. If anyone has any info that would be sweet.

First thing that comes to mind is POSER…

I was able to export whole models or body parts into Rhino. There shoud be some file type you can drop a foot into Alias.

Thanks VALDO, you wouldnt happen to have a foot from poser on you? If so hit me up and would help me out big time.

I have some STL foot scans if that helps?

Hey bespoke sweet could you send me those to my

Thank you

hey, i have emailed it to you now, let me know if it is any good, i have others


may i have one too?
nevermind what format if files~
thx a lot

I would really appreciate this, too. Thanks for the help.