Does anybody know which cites in Canada are good for softwar

I am a computer programmer and i am looking for software development profession?

Montreal has a HUGE video game development industry, that I for one, no absolutely NOTHING about! …might be more info there.

Ubisoft is actually the only one that comes to mind, but there are many more.

Sorry I don’t have more specific info, but definitely give that a look.

There is also the Cite Multimedia which is an old industrial neighborhood becoming renowned for it’s information technology development. (And a lot of other things I don’t understand).

I don’t know what all companies are located down there. But some quick research will turn up something.

Hope this helps.


Autodesk has major development offices in Montreal and Toronto(and im sure other places).

If you are interested in Design, Alias and all of the related Industrial Design tools are coming from our Toronto based team.

Quite a few smaller companies doing UXD and custom software in Ottawa. I know people working in software at Xandros, General Dynamics, Smart Technologies and Apption.

Lots of big high tech also like Mitel, March Networks, Cognos and Corel. Adobe has a pretty big office here as well although I’m not totally sure what they do there??

I don’t know if these companies are interesting or not, but there always seems to be more software jobs than designer jobs in this town! Ah, they called it “Silicon Valley North…” : )