Does any one work for John Deer?

Do any IDs here work for the company John Deer? If you do can you share your experience and in a few words describe what you do.

I think a lot of John Deere’s design is done outside. If you look in to some of the major Design firms you will see a lot of thier products.

I went to Illinois, and alot of my friends that were in engineering did internships and things there, that had very very nice compensation. Also the quad citys are not too bad of a place to be. Well they are not Paris, but.

i think dreyfuss does a most of the design work for deere.

I believe you are correct…

Yeah, my uncle is an engineer there, and he was saying that they farmed almost all of that out, in fact he didn’t think they even hired industrial designers. The guys been there since he graduated college probably 25 years so he may know what hes talking about on this one. I think he even looked into it upon my mom’s request to get me an internship, with no such luck. If your an engineer they do some pretty neat stuff though, apparently he can’t even tell my aunt about the work he does other than he is in the harvester division and they were trying to get the thing to drive itself around the field without needing the farmer to even be in it, that was like ten years ago, so I wouldn’t even know what theyre up to now.

As for the Quad Cities, much of my family is from there and if you must live there, you’ll want be in Rock Island up the hill, or in Davenport. The rest of the place is a toilet. And remember that most of northwestern illinois closes at 8pm every night and is not within driving distance of Chicago, or anywhere else worth being for that matter.