Does any one know what the "spider" is?

I am in the process of prototyping using z printer 650 at my school and got an advice from you few weeks ago.

“You need to stich up your model (shell). if you have any yellow egdes then you need to unsitch sort out the joints and re-stitch. Or change the construction setting! the file type needs to be a STL/SLA (rapid propotype. The model must be stitched to write the file. You can read the file into spider and auto fill the holes and then write out to STL. hope this helps!”

What is this “spider” that was mentioned in the above paragraph, to autofill holes on my 3d model?

I’m a bit foggy on this as it’s been awhile but I remember spider being an alias plug-in with tools for input / output of scan data and 3d prints…

No wonder!
Do you know if this spider is available for 2009? Do you know which company sell this plug-in?
Thanks a lot!

Spider was an application with Reverse Engineering focus developed by Alias but was retired as of 2009 releases.

If your model is not totally watertight you should check if the software that comes with the RP system can cope with it, or eventually fix it.

Otherwise you might like to look at an application such as Magics.

Alias has some tools that help fixing polygonal models manually (Mesh > Hole Fill, Bridge, Weld Vertices, etc.).

Alias 2010 offers a new RP Export Wizard which make it much easier to to exports models to RP. It also include export to Zcorp file format.