does a designer need to be an artist

wel i jus always keep wondering abt this…
does a designer need to b an artist…
and does an artist need to b designer…
hope u have some answer
god bless
om sai

Currently, designers need to be soldiers.

When and if the world returns to peace, then they can return to being artists.

of corse , i think they are supplementary.if you standed in the design domain and you know any art .you would have more than one kind of forms the uses. also in an art domain.and then you would have more development. :slight_smile:

No, a designer doesn’t need to be an ‘artist’, if (s)he wants to be an ENGINEER.

But if you are an engineer with ‘artistic’ ability (and sensibility) you may become one hell of a designer.

I don’t think that a designer need to be an artist.
But what’s the differences of the designers and artists?I think the designers eran money by designing for others.It’s their job.But artists are not.It perhaps just their interesting,and they chould chose to work or rest. :slight_smile:

artists are free thinkers.
designers are not (most of time).
if designers try to become artists, they often get criticized.
artists’ ego is beautiful because it represent “self-reflection”, and it becomes visual arts.
designers’ ego gets ugly because they often work as a team, and
for money and clients.
artists who makes art for commercial often gets criticized as “bad”-artists because they lack in free thinking and greater sense of self reflection.
But at the end, it really doesn’t matter because only those who love doing what they do only get what they want.

Of course,both designer and artist are thinking of life ,creat beautiful things for our life.But they are different ,in some extent. Artists are free thinkers.,designers are not (most of time). As a designer,I think you should pay more attantion to the market.The products need contact with customer's taste. A good designer will creat life.

Neither needs to be either.

But, if you pay attention, you may find yourself as the other (even if for a brief time).

Don’t know about this artists are free-thinkers thing.

Most that I know are disciplined and really are focused on a single thing for quite a long time.

Industrial Designers are information processors. The more information a designer has, the better the information a designer has, the greater the opportunity for success options. The designers that worked for me were instructed to “blur the lines”. It means-do not limit yourself. Be marketing when it supports a design, be an engineer when it supports a design, be an ergonomics expert when it supports a design, be an artist when it supports a design.

Make the design an “experience advantage” to the customer.

either designers or artists have to think their things.designers must have a scope,however artists haven’t.both this two job give full scope to their imagination. great idea could be discovered by a mind of wide scope .you are a designer or artist that is not important.

if you pay attention, you may find yourself as the other

I wouldn’t worry too much about stupid words and their meanings, do things you like to do, do them well. You may be a designer, but have a smile thats pure art :smiley:

Many good thoughts in this post.

I believe that designers are “artists”. As a mechanical engineer, I envy the beauty and attractiveness of products, which industrial designers create.

This is an artistic skill which must be practiced and perfected. Not a single engineer I’ve worked with can move beyond grade school “stickman” sketches. Function, function, function is our primary focus.

On the other hand, industrial designers realize that a commercial product must envoke a reaction by the consumer. Capture the consumers eye and create desire. These are the same qualities an artist is after, when painting, sculpting, etc.

Some have said that artist create art for the sake of expresion, which is true. However, i don’t know a single artist or musician for that matter who would turn down a million dollars for the purchase of their work!

This is soooo subjective, there is really no point in trying to dsicuss it in such an impersonal setting as a blog like this. Best to ponder over a pot of coffee with close art and design associates!