Doctorate in Innovation


ahan! i guess this is a better place to put forward this query than any other forum in core77!


I want to pursue a PhD in innovation. Though i am a product designer, i wish to study innovation that applies to both product design and web. I have three years of experience in industrial design and have found my interests lie more in ‘strategy’ side of design coz i dont want to let marketing guys decide on ‘worth’ of a particular concept/design over diet cola and chips. Believe me I have seen that happen. I am looking for a position after PhD where either i can teach design+ innovation or, in case i am willing to enter the market, I am able to connect the dots between innovation, design, consumers and business.

Please if anyone could suggest me a management programme that understands design or is ready to go that way. MIT SLOAN??? stanford??

I inquired abt id_iit chicago, the fee is too high coz they dont offer schols even in phd. chances are rare. I need schol for my PhD being an inernational student. I am taking gmat and am expecting a score of 710+

thanx guys

The University of Michigan has a program that might interest you: