do you think Industrial design has a future ?

excellent post ! :slight_smile:

I agree with you.
I think education is important but it is not the most important ingredient as you are very self motivated.

side note though, a luxury car is very expensive here (at least 4 times of what its cost is in the USA) and probably not worth the slog to get one here because the public transport is very efficient. But I do want my own property and a very nice one too.

the people with the most power has to be a person of integrity and substance on top of the self motivation to succeed. These cannot be taught in college. Those who rely on going in and out of college may not be the material at all. I am begining to scrape off further studying altogether.


I agree that designers need to carve a niche that makes people see why they need us. But often when I look at the glut of graduate that come out, it does spoil the market.

However, i think there are ways to show that we are creative individuals who are capable of doing everything well. Just need to walk out of the circle a little and do something different.


BRAVO…you gets it!