Do you specify texture if painting?

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I am going to specify a silver paint for a plastic enclosure. Do you typically specify a surface texture on the plastic if you’re painting it silver?

If so, is it a light texture or no texture or EDM texture or???

Thanks for any advice on whether or not you specify a mold-tech texture on a plastic paret you intend to have them spray paint.

I always do, even if it is just “polished” or “light sandblast”. The vendor should be able to give you examples. Any real texture will considerably soften with the paint. Controlling the texture often gives that extra little level of pop, for instance if a chamfer is highly polished and the rest is sandblasted or has some other uniform light texture…

When you say “polished” or “light sandblast” do you give out any particular Mold-Tech number?

I am looking to paint a surface of a plastic casing silver so I don’t know if I have to tell them a MT number with a paint color in Pantone PMS number.

I prefer to go with a Mold-Tech number just because most vendors will have the sample pack handy, so there is less opportunity for miscommunication.

I usually don’t go for the more subjective terms unless I’m in a hurry AND I’m familiar with the vendor.