Do you really like Designing or Design ?

Let’s try to ask around…
Since i’d been asking myself :laughing:

Do you really like Designing or Design ? (make any sense ?)

Yeah I love it, couldn’t be doing anything else.

There are things I do dislike. Working with others who are clearly doing it for the 9-5 and have no real interest… talk about creativity drain. The constant worry when starting out that your never going to make it to that good, or even rockstar studio, and as a consequence having to always do everything yourself as there is no knowledge being passed down. I find all that extremely tiresome.

If I were “only” designing, I’d probably want to bash my head against the wall. Too monotonous. In addition to design, I have been lucky enough to also include research, strategy, marketing, engineering, manufacturing and even a touch of sales as a part of my work description. As they has, varity is the spice of life.

It’s the worst job in the world:
It’s 24/7.
You take all the risk and have to fight for every bit of creativity/innovation you want to put in the design.
There’s never enough time to do it right.
You fail hunderds of time during development, that’s when the vultures come out.
Most of the time you are alone when the shit hits the fan and YOU have to solve the problem.
When the product does become a succes there’s no more YOU but it becomes: 'WE did a good job
People will try to rape your baby over and over again just so they can go home and boast to their wife that they also designed something…“Your an account-manager get your filthy hands of my baby”
You never gain their trust. Once another development starts your right back at square one :wink:
The payment is lousy

It’s the best job in the world:
Creating something is the best drugs in the world.
It’s a passion and not just a job
You can really change things/the world
No day is the same
After you failed a 100 times and have learned from your mistakes you will get it right. Being persistent is rewarding :wink:
I get to draw and fiddle arround in the workshop

When the product does become a succes there’s no more YOU but it becomes: 'WE did a good job

God yes recently been exposed to this with miserable dead wood senior designers.

Maybe I am interpreting the question wrong, but I like designing AND design.

Designing: I get to be the creator, the innovator and have the satisfaction when I see my product realised.

Design: There is a reason that people call it ‘Design Porn’, if you like it - you just can’t get enough of it.

I think that usually one is linked to the other. Couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

I like Design and Designing but dislike the business side of Design.

Me to …that’s probably because the business thinkers up the assignment (and has already a pretty good feeling of what the product look/will be like) They just need someone to develop their idea (wich is boring, nothing new in most of the cases)

I’d love to do an assignment that just says: We have a problem, please fix it

Or even better: Could you look for a problem and then fix it?


Oh and off course the impossible time-scale your given to complete the task.

I quite like the business side of it. Essentially design is part of a bigger picture, and if it didn’t make any money we wouldn’t get paid. So far I’ve found it fun and interesting to see and learn how it interacts and merges with other disciplines. Lets be honest if were given complete free rain and long timescale nothing would ever get completed.

I personally feel that being intertwined with other elimates such as business actually makes us better designers.

Asking if I like designing is like asking if I like breathing. If I was a janitor, I’d still be designing things. It’s just who I am and I love that.

For me, not a lot of what I do isn’t design, from the actual act of designing, to building a diverse, multi disciplinary team (that is juat as much a design exercise, and a very complicated one), setting up design reviews to have the most productive outcomes, editing blue prints, to designing how I want a meeting to flow to just the right outcome. It might be a little too much of a new agey way of looking at it, but all of that is design for me, and I sketch out options and possible paths the same way.

I do wish I had more time to just go down a path and not be bothered until it is really just right, but that is mostly the result in working in the very fast paced commercial sector that I do. The flip side is that I have gotten very efficient at understanding the market and the consumer and how far I think I can push them, and I’ve gotten to bring a lot of product to market. There are trade offs to every position, the great thing is that there are so many different types of design roles and opportunities that you can have many different kinds of experiences while still being a designer.

So, yes, I like it.

Just saw this article on this blog that adresses the same issue:

_“Design is an iterative activity that only has broad guidelines but no fixed process.

What’s more important is that critical insights, sensitivity to consumer needs and beautiful solutions comes from the creative chaos encouraged by an open design process.

All of this got killed when the business mindset required design thinking to have structure, repeatability, and reliability.”

source: Design Thinking is Killing Creativity - Design Sojourn

The problem is finding a way to make a profit off a new product. Your design will help fix that.