do you need samples done up?? or help with your design

ok hi all, some of you has seen me post a lot of info for you young designers out there. so here is an idea to help all of you out. since some of you dont work for a shoe company and want to get the experiance or work for one but they dont want to show you how they do stuff on development then i got the idea for you. i have seen alot of good designs out here on bball or fashion or running. but no actual samples made up.

dont you wish you can have a real pair of shoes that you designed made in to sample that you can show people and say “hey i did this and it is not a preety drawing” , well here is your chance.

if you wish i will be happy to open those resources to you. you will be able to pick the material and details and i can help you do the pull overs plus mounting on a open sole unit…sorry i can not open a sole unit for you unless you have got a big pocket book, minum amount is lik 2g to open a shoe mold.

what i would do is mount it on a nike like sole or soles of your choseing…all open sole unit and size sample 9 and if you want it in your size they could go up to 13 max but would take longer to do. standerd sample size is size 8 or 9.
i can even put a personalized logo in any format (tpr, hifreq or emb or other styles) on there for you.

i will take you thru the whole process of picking out material and pattern corrections, lasts and tape up and all the way thru sample completetion. you will learn all the process.

each project will cost $250 flat rate…that include shipping cost from asia sample shops and dhl or fed ex or ups shipping. please note i am not makeing anything on this. the price to cover labor and material and shipping cost. i am donating my free weekends to help you guys out. the reason for this is that i am retireing from this shoe world and moveing on to bigger stuff, and i want to gave my expriance to you guys and gave you guys a hands on feel of what goes into real shoe design and development and a taste of what you can do with your designs. i would do this for free but someone has to pay for the samples and material…so if you want it only $250 for the whole package. dont worry about your design being kncked off…these guys are preety good and secure because they do stuff for a lot of the us customers too and they only do samples so no influnce from factories. dont worry if china factory want to knock off stuff they would knock it off from nike direct instead of takeing stuff from newbies.

here is the process . payment is half now and half when done (so you know this is for real) and if you are not happy you can get a full refund. all contact thru email and phone calls and sample thru the mail…i wish i can travel to you but dont have that much time. also not all samples will come out perfect. remenber sampleing process in real world takes a lot of samples and corrections…we are doing this all in one shot.

here are the steps.

1-pick a design you realy want to see come to life
2-send it to me and i will have them do a pattern and then i email back to you and teach you how to read and correct it also i will send you pics of open soles unit you can use for your design and you can choose.
3-pick out material…i will show you how to do a simple spec and material call outs. i will email you material samples for you to pic from and you can email me your personal logo designs.
4-email all back to the shop to make the sample and in a week or so you will have the finished sample shipped to you. they will even take photos of the shoes and send it back to you stage by stage.

simple and easy and a great way to learn hands on with out travelling.

let me know what you think of this idea. and if you want to gave it a try gave me a shout at

this is an intriguing offer to young designers, but many will be skeptical.
I think to avoid that you should provide a little info about you and
also describe what’s your interest in doing so, I’m sure 250$ are not
the reason you want to do this.

as denis said a super interesting proposal… Personaly speaking i have had a number of experiences with developpers in asia with work and always felt the urge to speak to them about personal make ups…

I believe more info would be necessary to substantiate your offer ie professional credentials just so we know its the real deal ( not saying that your not bru but theres some merchants out there looking to make a fast buck). Maybe a small selection of photos showing past protos?? open mould outsole catalogues online? and also to know where you re based? I for one will be hitting you up asap.

I doubt that this is a scam…just sounds like a great and generous thing to do for the kids. If i wasnt already doing the same thing myself day in and day out i would most certainly take him up on it. Way better than puma mongolian bbq in my opinion and the same price! this is a one of a kind learning oppurtunity and the satisfaction of wearing your own shoes is awesome

like i said it is just an idea if anyone want to take this oppertunity. the reason i am doing this is because i have seen so many people asking development and design questions on here and some even work in the industry and have no idea what details and work needed to design and make or market a great design. and none really give them a good answer and the best way to show the process is to take you guys thru it on a real project. so i am doing this for you guys and gave you a hands on experaince and like i said $250 only cover laber and material and shipping…i dont take any amount. all i do is i donate my free weekends and i am just as excited as you too see a new design made into samples. and for $250…that is like dirt cheap. most companies spend like 50g on samples just on one line and that does not even includ shipping charges.

i do it because i had to learn on my own. no one showing me what to do they just get me on a flight and send me over…no back ups and no planing and i had to learn everything from the ground up. so for many years i had to do this and i have learned and see stuff that no western companies would ever see…i have even seen a full conterfit nike factory too. like i said i will show you my old work if you contact me and the types of sample that will come out out of this process. ( i am in the process of putting together a blog site and i will also put other people work on there too to share)

if you must know what i am doing now…i am not even close to doing shoes these days. i am doing all 3c deigns and development and transport stuff. i am tired of doing shoes and all the crap i have to deal with at the factory level. and i want to gave back what i have learned for all the young designers coming up.

it’s funny to see all your questions because i had the same questions too and no one can answer me and i had to find out on my own.

so take this as a good chance to learn. if you want to do it or not is up to you. i am just offereing my idea.

and like i said if you think i will sell your design out to people…dont freaking worry about that…they dont want newbie designs. they can go on the street and buy a nike catalog for few hundred rmb so why the hell do they want your designs for. and beside this shop does stuff for nike so why the hell would they sell you out.

anyone want more info or want to do this just contact me and i am doing this out of the goodness of my heart.

here is a taste of what i did for my very last project in shoes. i have tons more stuff ranging from all types of shoes. this is to show you that i am for real and i do this out of my own free time and my good heart to help those who are not lucky enough to do real shoe design and development…so for those you only draws on paper here is your chance to get your stuff made.
so please kindly review and make suggestions. i have done it all. i will put more in a blog but googles blog is not working right…dont know why everytime i start a new blog always have to wait for while to work…anyway to save time and to show you that this idea is for real i have put it on core.

have fun with it

im curious-

what kinds of ftys/agents do you work with? from the pics of the samples looks like stuff in Fujian province? Jin Jiang, Putian?

wow, really,…You in Taiwan?

sounds good but I am curious also…

in economics there is no such thing as a free lunch, and in Asia there is no such thing as a free sample, much less one for $250.00 US. So If you are acting as a represetative of the designers here, how do you ensure that they won’t be borrowed by the “friend of the guy” in the sample shop and used later?

I don’t mean to blow your bubble, because you do mean well and it is a really good offer; but I have heard this before and would really stress that you be really careful with who and what you are doing. Thats just a recommendation and not a criticism. These shops have back doors that aren’t always locked ifyaknowhatimean…

furthermore advertising "I ALSO TAKE KTV AND KTV GIRLS OR HAPPY HOUR GIRLS " for payment may not be the professional or -um-redeeming way to promote your service. But at least your honest about the fact that you like going to “The second place…”

Personally, I wouldnt be so worried about some small fty copying your stuff (as someone already said, they would rather copy nike), but more about the quality of work you are getting.

I cant say I know nacho’s work or the factories he works with (although as mentioned they do look like lower-end chinese-owned ftys), but would just caution anyone getting into this about the HUGE difference it makes to the final result working with ftys of different capability and skill. I have worked witll all types of factories including lower end ones, and ones now, that do high end products for major brands, and can tell you there is a big gap on the result from what you will get from a first pullover based on a sketch. especially a sketch by an inexperienced designer. a good fty will interpret your dwg, and correct, but a lesser fty will follow exactyl what you draw, even the mistakes.

as well, i would be very interested to know exactly how this arrangement would work for the sample room/fty and what kind of fty would do free (or $250) samples.

factories make money in PRODUCTION, not development. they may only charge typically $20.00 for the cost of a sample, but of course all the work, cutting dies, sample materials, etc. are built into the fty margin on an order for production. Even in the course of normal development I have had ftys not too happy over making too many samples, even when the majority go to production. Samples for “fun” would be a nightmare for a fty, and any fty willing do it, i would be wary of.

still, i have to commend nacho on the PRINCIPLE of what he is trying to do. I was actually just thinking the other day about the possibility of “open-source” design. this i see as almost a first venture into a co-op kind of design mentality.

just be careful how you spend your money.


PS. anyone can also look into a local shoemaker for amkign a simpler proto sample. i have a friend who did this for a school project and it turned out not too bad. for sure samples in asia can be much more complicated (machine lasting, HF welds, better stitching), but if you are after just something for fun to try out im sure you can get some old shoe maker to whip something up for $50 or so plus materials.

just trying to be helpful. please dont take this post as anything against nacho or his business practices.

great feed backs. and yes the soles are from fujin area. it is the only place that has tons of open sole units. and hell no i dont work for a shoe factory. do you think i am that crazy. i live in california and not in china and for the last time i am a american. and no i am not in taiwan.
however been there way too many times (hince the ktv jokes) and like i said this was a project that was done a year ago. and yes i do travel to taiwan china, itatly and germany but not for shoes these days. i am doing all 3c cell phones and transport development now…way better money.

and by the way china has just revalued from 8.21 to 8.11 per us dollar so i think those of you who play the low price game…time to find another field of work…HAHAHA…man i think a shit load of agents will be out of the game.

and no the sample is not done in fujin. it is done up in gongdon and shenzen area in a taiwan owned sample shop. or if you prefer i can have it done in taiwan and US. i have a friend here that does samples in california. he did a sample for me for christmas because they do stuff for puma too. and man i got this puma hi top in gater skins, anyway i have better samples to show once i get the blog up. but since if you have been there like i have and work with top and low end factory too i know how you feel.

like i said i will only use sample shops not factory. sample shops could be used in china, taiwan or here in the us and no they wont jack your stuff so dont freaking worry. or you are so high and mighty on your design skills that you think every one will jack your stuff…oh please…they have girls there that does super fast rendering all day that can blow your shit away if they wanted to and 10 times faster then what you can do.

and if you want your stuff to get jacked that’s up to you …it is another type of contract where you get a cut of every order on that style…but that is another deal…which i dont do.

with that said. payment is only 250 flat, and the girl stuff i listed is just a joke so relax…and do you think i am doing this pro…man i have done shoes professionally already. i have moved on and like i said i do this for the newbies and people who has no budgets. lending a helping hand to those in need and yes it is just an idea. and if you do want to have a little fun in china…that’s your own thing. as for logistics we can work that out together.

the stuff i posted up is to show basic process top those who want to see. i will put more stuff up.

and if you want to caht with me on yahoo my user name is and i will be up till midnight on west coast time.

here is the blog i put up…finally got it to work…i will put more open soles up…but since i have not been to china factory for a while they must have already done tons more soles and samples.
so for your refernce. i will update it later. oh later i will put a blog up just for soles…i also have tons of sole samples taking up room in my office. so anyone wants some let me know. i need to clear it out.

China is growing,
they used to copy nike but after all these years that they’ve spent working
for others they have enough money to create theis own brands.
they have the money but not the designers, they have factories but not the designers.
China is a big country, there are people of all kinds like anywhere else,
some will look for designers while others will take your designs and make money.

I’ll dare to say what many thinks… it’s not clear to me what is your interest,
i was thought that when someone is to gentle and generous to be carefull,
i don’t want to attack you without a proof but after all the requests
we are still waiting for some answers.


I want to add that the little country on the south of europe is called ITALY…not Itatly…:wink:

You should know, we just kicked USA basketball team’s butts right before the Athens Games…


i think i know who you are. i bet you work for moritizio (he has a pretty big office in italy for samples and designs) and sorry for miss spelling italy or his name. not good at spelling…damn no spell check on this thing. anyway he always sells his design in china because he uses it as a trade sometime to get his stuff done. he sends his jr designer to my office for intern coop for couple of weeks once. got the young lad lost in a strip joint…he thought the stripper was really in to him and wait the whole night for her…HAHAHAH. took him to a music fest in long beach…he loved it
it was cool to see a fresh euro lad get his first taste of american culture.

there are plenty of euro designers there…in shanghi mostly…they take less pay then us designers. and as for us designers in china working for china brands…there are plenty…mostly because they love chinese girls and has either girl friends there and cost of living is much lower. one of my interns moved to china and married a chick there. now he works on branding projects. heck they treat western designers like kings.

anyhow with that said. i am only here to help any young designers and why the hell do i want to sell your newbie designes…i can get pros to do that for free if i wanted to. and yes they are still copying nikes still…or a modify version of it.

anymore questions??

Sorry Nacho…You lost your bet…

I’m only a humble footwear fanatic and sometimes I design some shoes just for fun…no connection to footwear industry at this time.


so you are a fan on the side line…a NEWBIE…
that’s all good.
anyhow any questions just let me know.

here is the blog of the soles for all of you to pick from…i will post more up later so check back often.

Hello nachoshoes…

I guess u 've been long enough in this field to realise the cost of a prototype.

I guess also your knowledge about the rounds requested to get a good prototype to proceed to a salesman sample quality.

the design ideas done by the majority of people posting drawing here and somewhere else have a certain complexity.

I definately doubt about the following points…

the purpose of this proposalthe cost of the process.
the final quality
your method of technical datas communication
your method of modification,
your details analysis

As mentioned the moderator earlier , there is no chance to guaranty the design and designer 's idea integrity by being a letter box, between the one who came up with the idea, and the factory or sample office.

this low cost equals the potential of developping product for local market with only one goal, maximum of profit on minimum investment.

In that situation, we all know design is the first victim…

yes, i can’t help having doubts…


to young designers,

you might not know it but there’s a lot of talent in here,
a lot more then in most of the places nachosoes knows.
please don’t by his story, you’ll lose 250$ but most importantly
someone will make money out of your idea.
nothing is for free…


this post is about fraud,
any chance we can cancel it?

for those of you who think so negatively about this post let me just say this is for real and i am just donating my time wheni am off work or on my weekends to help. and it is just an idea i put out there.

so let me explain again. please take note that this is not done in a factory it is done in a sampleing shop either here in the us or in eroupe or asia…depending where you want it. there for your design will be safe and for the last time they dont want newbie designs or just one design for christ sake.

if you are really good at design then why the hell you on the board all day looking for a job, either that or you are slacky lazy ass bum who does not do any work instead chatting on this board all day. and the other thing if you newbies already posted a design on here most likey if they like it it would have been knocked off by someone already…so why the hell are you worrying about. it is already out there…

and lastly most of the stuff is good but most likey in real world would never see the day because it does not fit into any marketing plan. most likely they would say it is too fashion forward…they would need to be toned down. so with that said most likey they would try to get a whole line of shoes instead just one newbie design that does not fit into any planing.

so are you still scared about people takeing your design…please wake up and think…are you really that good that one design people would steal for. gave me a freaking break.

please note that all sample is one off and would never go into production there for someone has to cover the cost for all the set ups and i never said it was free. my time is free, set up is not.

now if i was gona just take your design i would have say no charge what so ever all sample free…but no…

you would have to pay for the sample cost

$250 covers the following
1)shipping (last time i checked shipping thru dhl is like $50 from overseas)
2)soles, which is between $3 to $10 depending on size and details.
3)materials…varies depend on what you want
4)hi freq molds, deboss mold…if any…cost about $20-$50 each (depend on how complex you want)
5)logo molds in tpr or plastic $50 to $100 (depending)
6)embordery set up $20
7)pattern maker cost $30
8)stitcher and assembly cost $30

so like i said $250 preety much covers the whole project sample set up charge.

and for those of you who keep saying sample is free at factory…bull shit.
they do it for free because they cover it in production cost and they know they will get a order so they cover all the cost.

in our case that is not what it is gona be because it will never reach production. it is done in a sample shop and you and me will have to cover the cost and with that $250 is on the cheap side.