Do you have to have a MFA?

I presently have a BFA(Fine Art) and was thinking of going back to school for a second degree either a BFA or BS(ID).

My question is can you teach at an art college(level) with two bachelors because it would seem silly to have to go back to school again just to be able to teach.
I feel fairly confident that after a 2nd bachelors my skill-sets would be plenty high enough. I only ask this because I definitely want to work in the field, but many of my peers have told me that I am a natural teacher, I think they maybe onto something and I want to leave that option open?

Do you have to have a MFA?

Without a graduate degree, you need a lot more experience in the field to compensate. Some schools actually have a formal conversion system to determine if an applicant for a teaching position is qualified, and at what level. It’s not silly to go back to school, since grad school is very different from undergrad. It wouldn’t be a redundant experience for you, I’m sure.

It really depends on whether or not you want to teach. And by “want” I mean is it a life goal or something you want to be able to fall back on if you can’t get a job in the field.

Being a “natural teacher” can also translate to being a natural leader, which in the field can become much higher profile than a teaching position. With 2 bachelor’s, if you jump into the field, are successful and in 20 years want to teach, you’ll have built up some nice qualifications in order to teach, I had a professor who did just that, he was awesome…thanks Al.

you can definitly teach without a Masters.

the only restriction is that most Universities require terminal degrees before giving you tenure (full professorship). Art schools do not, either because of not having a tenure system or they feel skills/experience equate.