Do you have an Intranet site for Design?

Do you have an Intranet site for Design?

  • Yes, and use it daily
  • Yes, but we don’t use it
  • No, I don’t see it as useful
  • No, but I’m interested!

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Curious how many designers are hosting a “Design Home” on your Intranet?

We’ve started using Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2007 and like it a lot. When I was at Motorola we used a nice system called Compass. We’ve got discussion boards, document libraries, announcements and even a Wiki for our Experience Guidelines.

In the past we relied a lot on email to share stuff, but obviously email is very transient–with this site we can maintain a library of sorts. I hope this will help in better selling the value of design to the organization. My dream is for Marketers and Engineers to troll around, be educated and inspired, find something useful, better comply and collaborate with our design standards etc.

If you do have such a site, what do you have on it? What’s useful?

I don’t understand what a Design Home is.

Is it just your website?

Compass is the most god awful site ever.

We have several intranet sites - a design blog (mini engadget), an internal research database, and then the larger useless compass site.

The research site is by far the most valuable asset we have. Marketing people have shown up saying “we need to know how technology X works and how people are using it” and we were able to immediately pull up video and photos of technology being used in the field. Very valuable in selling the power of design up the ladder by showing that we have all that mindshare consolodated in a few clicks.

Nice. What software are you using?

Not sure off the top of my head. I think it’s all based off of some low-tech blog/database software but I wasn’t around for it’s development so I’m sure. is what we have been using for the past two years. 50 bucks per month and because it documents the clients comments the tool aids in managing scope. I think there is a free version that limits the number of clients you can add. I think they are Chicago Boys too.