Do we rely too much on cloud data servers?

If you could no longer access your email, photo’s on facebook, fickr, how much info would you lose? In today’s world we put tons of information onto servers we don’t have any control over. I thought about this today when I realized is gone now that myspace bought them, and all my music I uploaded over the years has gone too:( Of course I realize any information lost is my fault for not backing up. The same thing happened a few years ago when I lost hundreds of photo’s when Yahoo shut down yahoo photo album. So when you think about it, how much do you rely on information to just be there, and how would it effect you if those servers were to just go away?

The same argument could be made for banks and money.

It’s not something that really worry’s me, just make sure you back-up, I find it funny how some are quite hesitant on moving to a system that has everything on the cloud, as opposed to partly on the cloud. I just see it as quite a dated worry, a worry people might have had when things initially started going digital - email, address books etc.

I’ve had the same thought. For example, I have multiple gmail addresses, and tons of important info in email from over 5 years worth of use. it’s invaluable, and because of the ability to search, and access anywhere I actually use it sometimes as a storage compendium (ie. frequent flyer numbers, passwords, etc.). Anyone know a good way (for mac) to pull all the email down to backup? I’ve searched a number of times for solutions, but never found anything that seems like it would do the job. I’ve tried using my local mac client to pull the data, but it takes forever so I gave up.

certainly with more data on the cloud, there are risks. just look at what recently happened to MS sidekick users that lost everything when some server went down during routine maintenance…


I know it’s not for Mac, but I use Outlook to back up my Hotmail, googleApps, and Gmail accounts… takes forever at first, but then I have all my emails mirrored on my laptop, and it updates when I check my mail. That goes on a hard drive every once and a while for safekeeping…

I hear you about keeping important stuff on email and searching for it. For the last couple years I started typing metatag-like words in some email subject lines, then sending it to myself. Words I would likely type into search to find it, like “password login Bank of America BOA online”… so I can find it later

Gmail has a tweak called “Offline Email”. This keeps copies of all of your emails on your local drive in case Google or your ISP goes down. I’m using it now, but have never really had a need to access the backups. It’s nice to know they’re there though.

Speaking of the cloud, I’ve started using as my default storage strategy for active projects. It installs a directory on your computer that backs-up the contents (in near realtime) to the cloud. I have this setup on my desktop and laptop so the project files are always synced between the two. There’s also an iPhone app that can access (and email) the files. You get 2gb of storage for free, which is plenty for my active work. I can also access the files remotely on any computer via a secured web site. It’s like a private FTP site with automatic sync capabilities. Sorry about the plug, but I feel better about my files knowing they live in the cloud. If the house burns down and all of my computers go up in flames I still have my active project files living in the cloud.

I just recently started using that too and really like it!

Funny, about the same time I found drop box, I installed Office 2007 Enterprise and it added a program called Groove that does about the same thing - minus the iphone app / cloud version. A little more confusing though