Do We Have ID'rs That Still Do Acrylic Painting???

Iv’e done a lot of acrylic paintings in high school and just began to pick it up again for about two years now. I like landscapes/cityscapes and have sold some on Ebay. I was wondering if we have any industrial designers that still paint. I’m not sure if a thread like this exists.

yep. I do alot of what other people call ‘cityscapes’ or ‘skylines’.
to me they’re just bright vertical rectangles on a dark background, usually a horizontal orientation on a wood plank or found panel.
about 99% acrylic, because I just don’t have enough time to mess with the oils.

I’m an Industrial Designer and painting to me is a relaxing, creative hobby. I’ve thought about taking more free time to work on ideas I have, and then sell them, but not enough to make a career out of it.

Acrylic (sometime even craft acrylic) is my main medium, but I did some oil in college, and I like to experiment with charcoal and ink. I wish I had more time to do it. Once I get room for a studio I’ll be able to do it more often, without the fear of making a mess, and making room to do it.

I’ve always been into art and design, and anything that has to do with both. It’s all about creating… varying the medium.

What type of subject matter do you guys like to do? I’ve been into trees lately

I tend towards abstractions of my personal photography work. Usually in acrylics, simply for the clean up.

what about watercolors? Used to be the pre-marker method of rendering.

Anyone doing them? If so, any tips, books, etc?

I never got into watercolor.

I’ve been painting and hanging them around my house.
Anyone does that?

I’d rather do that than to buy pictures from Fortunoff or something :smiley:

I just bought this book in HK and in the section about ideation they had some images of a designer in Italy that “sketches” using water colors. Very cool.

Also available for pre-order on Amazon:


Isn’t watercolor done on a kind of bumpy surface paper?
I wonder how that effect his sketching or does he sketch on thick bond paper so that water doesn’t warp it. I guess if you have the time you can pepper your work like that.

interesting concept though!

and thanks for the link.

Usually I would have used watercolours on a bumpy grain surface, heavy density in weight, so as the water doesn’t make it shrivel up. But you can stretch other types of papers using gum tape and pre soaking them, then letting them dry out before you start to paint…

Although still don’t know if I’d risk watercolours - its been a while

burnsie :open_mouth:

I really liked painting in school, I used to try to paint pictures of things I saw when I didn’t have my eyeglasses on. Usually just large color blocks, but not technically abstract.

It really was relaxing. If youre really into that, encaustic painting (painting with Bees Wax) is difficult but has potential for really cool results.

encaustic painting looks intense!
I may try it one day.

Does anyone have any tips and what kind of materials you need?

Yeah, theres a really good book on the history of encaustic painting that buddy of mine had. I don’t know what it is, but encaustic is kind of a small deal still because of the costs and difficulty so it would be easy to find on amazon.

you will probably need,

a hotplate, the wax must be molten, make sure you have proper fire suppression appliances about.

a lot of wax, you’ll need a couple pounds for a good sized painting.

you also need some sort of pigment, crayons work well, very well. India ink does not, just to save you some experimentation.

if you have some cash to dispose of, having a bunch of little crock pots is awesome, otherwise, tuna cans, floating in a larger pan of water work very well.

it is important to remember never to heat wax over a direct flame, as it is extremely explosive, use the “double boiler” method.

oh yeah and wax doesn’t really come out of clothes

Good luck, besides all the safety stuff, its a lot of fun, also experiment with a heat gun, because encaustic is one of the few media that you can change long after the “paint dries”

Not an ID’er YET, working that way, but I have been playing around with acrylic lately