Do or Don't Show $$$ Ideas When Applying with a Firm

I find that my motivation to sketch and build models and show process are best fueled when I have come up with a great new innovative product idea, but is it a bad idea to show these innovations to potential employers, where somewhere along the line a person who is less than ethical may steal and patent my idea?

You don’t really think Edison invented the lightbulb… he just made it actually work. If you are worried someone is going to steal it then don’t show it or get them to sign at non-disclosure. (They might say no.)

If a company really values your ideas a work…they will probably hire you, if they don’t it’s there loss…move on and apply to other places. so…find a job first or patent your ideas now if you think they are good enough.

If you are smart. You will always come up with something fresh. So if you lose one or two things due to patents. My advice is DO NOT WORRY!
If you have only one good idea that could be a problem, but you can think about items that can be patented like clockwork. Are they all worth spending $10,000 on.
If you take a percentage of patents. Here would be a rough average.
100 patents
10 were attempted to be commercialized in some means.
2 made money.
90% of patents are never go anywhere except to make money for the patent attorneys. If the idea is so great do you see the patent attorney saying they’ll do it for free on the basis they can get 10%? Nope. Pay me my billable hours please.

Q. Is a patent is a licence to print money.

A. Yes, for your lawyer.