Do not manufacture in China in 2023

The chatter is beginning to trickle out for 2023. Anyone else seeing this kind of narrative from their Chinese manufacturers?

There are many other things to worry about in china.

The man clearly hasn’t tried moving production to Vietnam. :joy: :joy:


The epidemic has been lifted. Although many factories do not have enough workers to return before the Lantern Festival, (it’s also an important festival in most of our coutryside). Thanks for the lock down, the main impact of the covid-19 is still mild, and most people’s main symptoms only recover after a week of rest (maybe there will be some sequelae, such as: cough, weakness, drowsiness…). Indeed, some elderly people will die from complications caused by the covid, but as far as I personally know, there are rare cases of this disease.

So what I’d mentioned above, I just try to explain that Chinese factories will be able to recovering production in 2023. And we are ready to work!

Set a notification for Jan 2024, we’ll see how this developed.

  • people aren’t going to return from LNY
  • zero covid policy ending
  • this is for small businesses
  • hardly anyone has had covid so there’s no immunity
  • priority will go to large manufacturers/brands
  • leave months of contingency in schedules

I have a trip tentatively planned for May!