do men care about a womans looks or not really???

On a scale of 1 to 10 how important are a girls looks to a guy? It seems the older I get I’m finding more good looking guys dating girls that are sub-par in the looks department.

Maybe the most important thing to a guy is getting instant satisfaction on a regular basis but at some point don’t men seek someone with some sort of physical attractiveness.

I see men in the corporate setting who have wives that look like their mom, no flash style or anything yet they go to the stripper joint around the corner for fun. Why is this???

What makes a guy stay with someone who is basically a “Plain Jane”?

After you’ve been with a lot of girls just for the looks, you might try to go a bit deeper and look for someone you can actually get a long with.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


“looks” are hard to quantify, but to me yes its important in one vital area, they must weigh less than I do by 10%. I am average, 5’8" 160 lbs (not bad for a 52 year old guy) and sorry I find “BB” women just not interesting. Is this being a fat bigot, dont care, I keep my self in shape but it looks like the rest of NA just get down on big gulps, big mac’s and cheezos by the truck load.


Anyone that underplays the male need for sex is lying to you. Sex can mean more than just intercourse. What defines sexual satisfaction is different for everyone. But for guys, it is top of the heap.

People find different things attractive. Once you’ve been with your share of partners, looks become less important. I find myself being more picky (of everything) the older I get. Pretty girls are all over the place, finding one who has her head in the right place is rare. I’ve found in more instances than I would like, the prettier girls have the most personality flaws and end up trying to rely on their looks to get by, even subconsciously.
It’s the ones with the modest, natural good looks combined with a good attitude that have their minds in the right place. Older guys will go for a more toned down woman that has better personality traits. Arm candy is only good to date for a little while, not to marry. Spectacular looks are overrated and once you’re looking at the most beautiful woman every day all day, she becomes average due to familiarity.

Better to go for someone who’s already comfortable looking, everyday pretty. Then there’s less of a change in your perception as time goes by. The prettier the girl, the more change (in the negative direction) there is as she becomes average after everyday exposure. There are plenty of good looking wives sitting at home not being satisfied because the guy has “crashed” and come down off the high since she’s become just regular.

all true, as long as they are not fat…hate fat…

every guy fantasizes about driving a Lamborghini, but when its time to decide on the one car you are going to drive all of the time, you probably want to go with a more reliable car or truck that meets your needs.

I’m with Zippy…please, just don’t be fat. They don’t need to be skinny, god knows I have a little chuck, but fat is a whole different thing. I’m sure some like it like that, but for me it just tells me that you don’t take care of yourself.

The girls I’m always most attracted to are usually t-shirt and jeans type, no make up, no bullshit (well, at least limited). I also like em smart, and motivated about THEIR career. There is nothing worse than a girl who just lives to be in a relationship. They’re boring, and I always feel like I’m babysitting them. So they need to have their own lives outside of dating.


or you drive a maserati that is reliable, best of both worlds.

haha im still young so i get to test drive the sports cars, not ready for that reliable car yet. But if i find the maserati maybe buy instead of lease. wait are we talking about girls or cars?

Ok, completely random, but the last 5/6 female encounters have all been with vegetarian women. How weird is that? Am I putting out a veggie-vibe or what? Hell, I’m not even vegetarian.

its trendy to be veggie, hell for a while it was trendy for women to be bi curious.