Do interns get paid?

I am a design student from the national institute of design, India ( I am currently in the process of applying for a 6 month internship in certain firm across europe and america.
Almost all the firms that Ive applied to so far have told me that they do not pay their interns. Is that true? how do you guys survive without getting a minimal stipend?? What does one do?
Does anyone know of any firms that are international student friendly?
thanks a ton

this comes up lots. do a search on the old forums. will find plenty of info. recall one discussed frogdesign using unpaid interns. long thread. others more specific to int’l students.

Dont work for free. Its different in a medical internship, where you cant really do anything but watch and take notes, but if you are going to do a internship at a firm and you are going to produce deisgns that they can use, then you are providing a service and should get paid - i dont mean $40K, but $10 hr is good.
Dont support firms that dont pay interns, its poor ethics and an easy way to take advantage of budding designers.


Yeah they do. How much? It varies from $10 to $20 or more an hour.

paid…? with money…?

ahhh pants, i signed up for a free lunch…my belly is full now though

I am getting paid for my internship though it isn’t international. I would agree with the others that have posted that unpaid seems to be a way for firms or places to use new designers, however you are getting the experience that will eventually lead to better jobs.

You should get paid in one form or another. When I was in school, I did an internship and was paid in the form of the firm finding an apartment and paying my rent for the summer. No cash in hand, but it works.

I agree with KRocket…I wouldnt encourage you to work for firms that dont offer you any money( unless they r super big…but then again…good firms generally do pay their interns!)…i feel it is just not ethical…I am currently doing an internship…and get paid 7$ an hour…its not a whole lot…but then again I am in columbus…where the living cost is not terrible…so it s all good…goodluck to you in your search!

Most universities have made some arrangements on paying for an internship. On my university (Delft) there are special funds available for internships.
Try arranging something with your school…and ofcourse always try to arrange something with the company where you spend your internship and make arrangements BEFORE you start. Not only on your wage, but also in the case you design something that’s worth a lot to them (for example a bonus arrangement in that case)

Hi. I was a paid intern. I did get paid a small wage including transportation. It really depends on the company. :slight_smile: