Do I have to be a math whiz?

For starters, I’ll give you a little backround…

…I am a senior in high school and my passion has always been art. After visiting UC’s design school, (I live in Cincinnati), I was immediately drawn to the ID program. I love the idea of designing a product that is manufactured and used in everyday life. So I applied and I have been accepted to attend DAAP next year, which I am psyched about.

My only concern is…I consider myself a reasonably smart person, though my strengths lay more in english than math. I have done reasonably well in math and pretty good in physics this year…but math is definitely my weakest point. I am most confident in my artistic skills…do I have to be a math wizard to succeed in ID?

Thanks, I am glad I discovered this forum, you all are very helpful!


You do not have to be a wiz in math, rest assured… I can’t even calculate a tip at a resteraunt, so you will have no problem.


I am currently an ID student in DAAP and rarely use math at school or on co-op. The program only requires one quarter of the math of your choice, and you can knock that out in your first year. That single quarter has been more than enough to guide me through ID so far. Congratulations on your acceptance and good luck!

Lindsey :wink:

You should be fairly good in geometry IMO. If you can think logically and have a good spacial sense you should be fine.

Hey I’m colorblind and I’ve been a designer for 15 years.

Um I think the required math class I had to take in ID undergrad was business math or something, and I APed out of it.
I’ve alllways been of the opinion IDers are those who could have been engineers, but they really sucked at math and found it really painful with bio and physics as the only science class they really understood to any degree. Please note I’m not trying to insult anyone I’m including myself in this category.


No offense taken, except I never wanted to be an engineer. They are too focused on how things are done versus how they COULD be done.

I think those engineers that do have the vision to step beyond the known, tries and tested, are priceless jems, come of them, like ykh, redirected into ID.

I think the other group of ID’ers are artists at heart who see the oportunity to make things that are work better and more beautiful for everyone.

I think the term that covers both aproaches is Idealist. The first part of that word is Idea, not math.