Do I chase the silver lining..

Hi, nice to meet you all

Need some advice on my situation here

I’m 24 and just graduated about a year ago. I’m going through a crossroad in choosing the job opportunities that just pop up

A) A real ID job at a company in another country.Had an interview with the Design Manager which turns out pretty great however he needs the approval from the people higher ups to approve it. The recent economic bust pretty much affected them as well. So they can only confirm my situation in maybe a month’s time. The environment there is good and its ID.

B) A local job with a RP company.Pretty much engineering base as I will mainly touch with CAD/CAM programs but hardly any designworks. Also had an interview with that company, going to 2nd interview soon. The chances of getting into it is very high but needs to confirm ASAP.

So the dilemma is should I take the chances and go pursue the dream job but may not be available or take the path of least resistance which is the RP company opening.

Being an ID graduate, I would have like to eventually walk that path and be an Industrial Designer rather than a Design Engineer. It has gotta start somewhere.

After doing AutoCAD works for 4 months, I find its not something I wanna do for long term. Don’t wanna land myself in the same hole again but with the current economic outlook…

I;m trying to find a workaround to this situation.Will greaty appreciate the advices. Thanks