Do footwear giants use freelancers/smaller firms?

Say if a small design firm/freelancer approaches a large footwear company with kick ass shoe concepts but does not want to be fully employed by them…is there a chances of him picking some freelance project work?

  • We are assuming that the freelancer’s work is kick ass and the shoe company is very impressed by the work.


your answer lies in your question.

a different , complete / hollistic approach, certainly not only stylistic but more functionnal might be the right compromise… an established knowledge.

the right candidate must have unexpected skills and approach.

someone special.

anotnelll…just curious; are you an Adi or a Rudi?

Heyday (former Rudi from Boston)

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Adidas, oups my city tells… where i am from

back to the above question, what s your take ?

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my experience with several major footwear co’s has been that they never accept unsolicited concepts, inventions etc due to the high likelyhood of being sued by the the guy submitting them. For instantce, you have some great idea for an Adi running shoe and send it to them, they reject it for whatever reason and then a year later come out with some remarkably liek what you sent in. Then you sue them. If they never even open the envelope or email you sent the concepts in, they have no liability. You are better off showing them your portfolio and just tryingt o get freelance work that way. They do hire freelancers

Good luck and Tchuss


Yes they do hire freelancers, but what Drdoodle says is true.

One of the misconceptions about freelance designers is that we design whatever we like and then sell it to the client. Thats not how it works.

But theres nothing wrong with showing your portfolio and seeing what happens.