Do designers get ill?

Hi everyone,

I was once told by a very influential designer, that designers don’t get ill.

Right now, I’ve been hit pretty bad with glandular fever. How do you stay creative when half-dead?

(I’m glad the Illustrator rendering nightmares have gone…)

I get a cold sometimes after long periods of long hours and late nights. After deadlines when your body suddenly relaxes. But if you keep up the pace, you dont get ill, just die early.

Do you think designers live shorter lives compared to people in other occupations?!

what, i don’t get it, itsn’t it just a saying?

[quote=“mr product”]Hi everyone,

I was once told by a very influential designer, that designers don’t get ill.
I think he is implying to something other than the body.

You should just get some rest. Take a day off or something. Don’t push yourself too hard, then you will probably die early…

I Have no real proof! Just a lot of the young designers I know seem to be aging rapidly, going grey at 25 years old.

Go out and get some flippin’ exercise!! All the guys I race bikes with are in their 30’s and 40’s, but they look to be in their late 20’s. Exercise slows the aging process, that’s almost a given.

Don’t work so hard. if you’re a left-handed designer, you’re screwed (studies have shown lefties to live 7-years less.) Sucks to be me.

That is one of the dumbest things ever, everyone gets sick. For years I toughed it out which only led to the train completely coming off the tracks (hospital visits and lots of bad stuff), now when I start to feel something coming on, I stay home that day, watch a bunch of bad science fiction/action movies, and chill, it seems to preempt the whole thing… no deadline is worth your health. At the end of the day, the world will go on if you take a sick day… somehow…

Thanks for your comments guys.

weazlepopper, I’ve seen some designers who have aged pretty quickly too…

Exercise is key. I bought the Nike Apple kit but haven’t had a chance to use it as I’ve been ill : (

Things are looking brighter, and I should be back on Tuesday!

Thanks guys!

Haha…I once had super bad flu in office, milcus kept flowing out of my nose. I kept stuffing tissue papers up me nose. I had to finish a technical drawing of a bag of a technical drawing. I was struggling like mad. I was sick as well. No doubts. Took me 3 hours to complete it.

When I finished my work, I saw heaps of tissues on my desk, surrounding the LCD screen in front of me.

That was the baddest, sickest experience I ever got. I was sick yet I had to finish it.

edmund_180779 that sounded like a nightmare.

I’m glad to hear it was done on computer and not a manual technical drawing!


P.S. I’ve fully recovered from my flu and throat infection : )

I had edmunds issue back in school doing tech drawings by hand, horrible. Having to stop every 3 strokes to blow your nose, etc. Now I try to stay healthy, start the zinc locenges instantly and it shortens the sickness dramatically.