DMLS - Direct Metal Laser Sintering VIDEO - HILARIOUS

really?? No one? No objections?!

Objections to what? Several people spent time watching my video and giving me feedback, is it wrong for me to have a little game with some of the people and hook em up with $50.00 for their time. To me I thought it was thoughtful…If you dont want to participate then don’t.

I am happy for those who gave me their feedback.

And very much appreciate it.

Once again as you can tell I am new to the post, so here is a little lesson for you…if you have an objection just state it… Don’t pussy foot around by what you want to say. If you feel I should not have put that in the post then simply reply or send me an email about it. I AM LEARNING…

Be cool!

You are totally pushing your services on a non-commercial site.
You don’t think that is a tad inappropriate?!

I rest my case…

Yeah dude I have a technology that not a lot of people know about. I am educating people on the process and technology. Whether you use me or not, I do not mind.

Did you know about DMLS before I posted the video?

Not to mention I promote the heck out of this site, just check on linkedin. This is in regards to all the engineering groups I belong to.


My opinion (and solely mine by the way as I have no official affiliation with this site) is that rather than posting this “viral style” on the boards, you could purchase advertising from the site. That way, you get even more traffic to your site and you’re supporting this site financially. To me, that sounds like the best way to promote your business.

I knew about DMLS, it’s nota super-new technology

Buying advertising is the way to go. Ads are abrasive, but they are expected to be. Not in the forums.

Core is giving you more exposure than you are giving it

I appreciate more of the feedback.

Here are a few things, as you feel I am advertising, I am sorry. I will refrain from this, but it is you teaching me that is helping me learn about this forum thing.

As far as paying for advertising, I would love to…however we have this machine that cost 750k to pay for first. I have a few small ads on some other sites like , etc but those are like $50.00 for 3 months, I get maybe 5 hits during those 3 months. I know its a smaller site compared to core, but hard to justify.

As far as giving core exposure, I would disagree…On this forum, and in this post alone are just a select few of you…I post the 3 main forums I belong to in my signature line not to mention it is in

If you have been to my website you will see that I put the Core link right on my homepage. I feel this forum is great in the industry. I do not want to tarnish it, so I am taking your advice. Help me out !!!

[quote=As far as paying for advertising, I would love to…however we have this machine that cost 750k to pay for first. I have a few small ads on some other sites like , etc but those are like $50.00 for 3 months, I get maybe 5 hits during those 3 months. I know its a smaller site compared to core, but hard to justify. [/quote]

So what I really don’t know is what is considered advertising and what is considered educating?

Why spend money on official advertising when Core tolerates continuous, persistent viral advertising on its boards?
I doubt Tim will spend any money on Core anytime soon.

To answer your question, yes I was aware of DMLS such as any Industrial Designer should be and if I were to be interested in your business, I would be able to find you.

You’re promoting a contest (advertising), and asking people to add you to their LinkedIn network (advertising).

But, since this thread is still up and running, I guess no one really has an issue with it except a few people. I would venture to guess that your company didn’t expect work to just be flooding in after you purchased your $750K machine, and that the only way you can do that is by ADVERTISING your services. And that you should have an advertising budget beyond $150.

Check here:
and see the site stats here: Contact - Core77
Most notably: 10 million+ monthly page views

Divide those page views by the dollars you’re spending and you’ll see there is a HUGE opportunity you are missing. Only a small portion of the sites visitors use the discussion forums by the way.

I’ll spend the money when I get the money lol.

I am glad you know and understand the processes behind DMLS.

However, have you seen it work? Like I did in the video? Did you know everything about it like I put in the video?

We do have an advertising budget but a lot goes to us doing Trade Shows.

We just got back from MD&M in Anaheim and am headed out to Rapid in Anaheim and the AMBA in Orlando.

BTW Bepster, I have looked at some of the posts you made, and don’t have the same feelings on some of the shamless advertising they have done…most notably the recent post on the Z-Corp printer.

NURB - Thanks for posting that, and I understand that there are good advertising opportunities here and soon you will see, believe it or not I will certainly take advantage of it, once we drum up some more business on that EOS M270. I do support the sites that I belong to as much as I can. I PROMISE once I get to the point of meeting some goals (which obviously I suck at for internet forums and such lol) then I know my marketing director will be happy to spend the money.

I am a normal everyday sales person, yes I posted some things about DMLS, but you can say there is a fine line with everyone posting something they have done in regards to advertising. Now Linkedin, if you havent joined, I would recommend it…And while I posted my email and asked to be connected is for that reason to be connected. That like the little signature line you have that has your site and info lol if you really think about it. As I was saying, me being a sales person living off of commissions is TRYING MY BEST to teach people the technology, why cause hopefully you will spread the word about it and how awesome it is and then use GPI. There are several companies who offer the service but GPI is the only one who is personable with our customer, down to earth, great customer service and isnt HUGE like those big guys. We have ONE EOS M270 machine and 5 employees lol

Sorry for messing your day up, not my intentions. But at least you get to know me a little bit lol

Okay, Tim, that’s it…

No more posts on this thread discussing your company, promotions, etc. Your cheezy video might have been amusing, but if you want to start quoting jobs, do it directly with the poster. I think there’s been enough complaints about your overt marketing.

There might have to be some editing on this thread…


I am totally cool with that Warren.

I just wish some people weren’t such dicks and remember that we all have to make a living… any advertising or marketing that was placed here was totally not my intentions.

And rather then being a punk about something they are so passionate about which obviously is this forum, which I commend them on, but merely asking for feedback which I did, and made the changes they gave me feedback on and willing to reward them hardly seems like some sort of advertising to me. I did my apologies and I stick to them and I so appreciate those who took the time in watching the video.

Ultimately the video is to teach about the process so that engineers know to use something very easy and less expensive rather than conventional methods or casting.

I will leave the prominent link to the core77 site from my homepage there, although I know it isnt you that is being a dick and just some others…if you dont like what you see then pass it up is my thought!


kudos. And I found it informative that you’re going to be at AMBA (American Mold Building Association for anyone who doesn’t know). Ironically I was looking into it a few months ago, but unsure of the attendance. Maybe I’ll see if my company can make it and see your parts in person. Sounds like a perfect fit for small parts that need to be made on the fly.

In regards to the video, IMO I really don’t see any harm or foul. It was much more enjoyable than the old videos we watched in manufacturing class in college. I don’t think anyone would have opposed to designer from Ferrari posting a video about how Ferrari’s are made just because it had their company name on it and they talking about all the highlights of it’s design. Why should we treat Tim differently? …especially someone new who did exactly what the moderators said…starting to wonder if this forum is filled with professionals or acne hormonal teenagers.

Stay Classy, Tim!

“acne hormonal teenagers” and not professionals?!

Not really. In that case you guys would not be here.
Just some people who are getting sick of sales reps sneaking into every single little crack in the business, plugging their services, desperate for sales.
Who really believes that this was intended as an informational post? Or that it was intended as a “video critique”?
let’s call a spade a spade: It was an infomercial.

Tim, when pushed a little, even admitted that he does not have the money to buy real advertising, is just “trying to make a living” and offers discount rates to drum up business.
When somebody called him out on it, that person, presumingly me, is a “dick” and has no heart for the lonesome sales rep.
This is against forum rules and it should be in the interests of the moderators to enforce them. As Warren did.
Or we will see a lot more product placement in the future.
A Ferrari design posting is not exactly the same thing. There would be other motives.

The issue was not the video or the discussions it might have spawned. It is an interesting process and great for people who don’t know it to find out about.
The issue was that Tim kept violently and desperately pushing his company which made any relevant discussion impossible.
Let’s talk about DMLS processes, pros and cons and not about how to cut a “hilarious” video. This post wasn’t even about DMLS.

This is less about Tim, who obviously is having a rough patch, but rather about the principles of Core77.


Would you be in business if you didnt have anyone doing sales? Or if you, yourself wasnt doing sales?

Think about that for a minute.


Even as we are on Core THEY ARE SELLING SOMETHING…

Sit down and think about it, without sales our country wouldnt exist. You need people to sell in order to move forward. However like I had said a hundred times the video was to be INFORMATIVE. Which it was. On every other forum I posted it on they were extremely happy.

They didnt say it was advertising, they didnt say I was doing sales, they didnt have issues with me asking for feedback. Listen there are 3 of you on this post that are bitching lol I wont let that ruin me, I said I am sorry for something I wasn’t aware of. I can’t control the assholes in life and those who can just be cool.

Let me post some of their comments;

THis is great stuff…
Posted by Kraig Kooiman

I kind of disagree Tim. Even though the video was a bit lengthy, I found it interesting enough to watch the whole thing. Though the technology was cool.
Posted by David Reed

Excellent job! It was very impressive. My only concern was that it might be a little too long for everybody’s short attention spans. ??? Subject line: Prototypes now! I want my prototype now. Is three days too long for you? Prototypes fast and easy.
Posted by Tim Angbrandt

I think it was great. Makes process easy to understand.
Posted by Ron Bruner


This was the discussion…

The best CAD site and or Blog

I know that you know…let us share…where to find cad blocks…addons…free software…

And please do not forget to put http:// on your link.

Here is my reply

Timothy Ruffner you

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One of my favorites, has a lot of info


BTW I am not having a rough patch. In my eyes you are!

From your site:

Check out Core77 Forums, a group of highly professional engineers who love to give their advice and info on almost all projects.


Obviously, you did prove that to me…part of being professionals and willing to give advice!