DMLS - Direct Metal Laser Sintering VIDEO - HILARIOUS

Can I please get your feedback on this video we created that shows the DMLS – Direct Metal Laser Sintering Process ?

Process is about making METAL PARTS extremely quick, but this video is a take on what happens at GPI lol kinda we tried to make it funny!

I THINK IT IS AN EXTREMELY FUNNY VIDEO lol That is just my take on it. We created this a couple week ago and this is the first cut. I would love your feedback on how to make the video better and or if you like it/hate it ? You can also rate it on Youtube or post your comments there.

PS. You have to watch til the end, the ending is my favorite part…what is your favorite part?


Tim Ruffner add using email

You’re easily entertained. A high-five is the best part?

The video does the job of informing your viewer about your service, but I’d really just like to see more of the DMLS action. Hire an agency to come up with funny commercials, stick to making parts.

good lord… a little phishy, no?

Exactly. Tim, you need to work on your grammar, too.

Thank god he put his fax number.

I understand it’s tough being a sales guy, but you aren’t even trying. “lol”? The video itself is a solid prototype house video, that being said, I have been sufficiently turned off to GPI.

I feel I must actively resist getting parts made @ GPI, lest I encourage this sort of behavior.

It’s cool. I appreciate the feedback.

A little about me and the video.

I am just a normal person, just like you…my career is sales. I pay for my house, car, childs education, food and much more by my profession. In this economy we try everything to make things work. I have taken a huge pay cut because of the economy and yes I will be the first to admit I am trying new things!

I apologize for a couple things, being so enthusiastic about the video that we created here, to take something dry while keeping you entertained was a hard thing to do, which is why I asked for your feedback.

Secondly I do apologize for my Signature line…I have quite a bit there yeah, but it is nice to be able to get to know me a little bit by twitter, facebook, linkedin or on youtube. I completely forgot all the others were added as I was just copying and pasting from linkedin groups to here! Originally, the video was in my email that I had sent to someone and I just copied all that from the email not really paying attention. I didn’t know all that really rubbed you all the wrong way, trust me I am new to all this…super new. The conventional ways of me making cold calls (in which I still get bashed on that) still don’t work. Really, you can hate on someone who is trying to make a living…I can take it like a man!

Remember, I am just trying my best. And because I am so new to this realm I have to feed off of and learn from what comments and replies I get. With that said, I did learn from my mistakes here and appreciate you all pointing it out.

Have a great day gentleman, and THANK YOU for watching the video.

TIM (Simple Signature Line)

I’d imagine that this site will give you the harshest criticisms, because we are a passionate bunch. Thanks for posting for feedback, and not taking your doll and going home.

“hate” might be strong.

I appreciate the candor and humility, GPI is back in the running for me. And maybe it’s just the engineer in me, but I didn’t find the video dry.

While I’ve got a DMLS guy around, two questions:

  1. any idea when the porosity will be low enough to be enable DMLS parts to be used for surgical implants.
  2. What is the cost/time differential of a standard SLA compared to a stainless part?

Thank you all for understanding, it means a lot to me!

I love that you are passionate about what you do, just like myself with DMLS! I am very passionate about the work we do, some of the stuff that comes off that machine really does give me goosebumps.

We can actually make implantable devices on the machine however we will have to run the system specifically for one metal. For instance, if we were doing cobalt chrome…our machine would only have to make cobalt chrome. Because the machine cost almost a million and not a lot of cobalt chrome being made on it, we do have to switch out powders. Since we do have to switch it out those parts even though they are FULLY DENSE can not be implantable.

I can put a mirror finish on our stainless steel. I am including a picture.

As for casting a SLA part and using the DMLS in cost differences…

A 2x3 part. SLA casting material might run $200.00. To cast it roughly $1400-1600. DMLS can probably do that part for about $900-1100. We are always the first to tell someone that Casting might be a better way. We dont like to tarnish the rep of the machine and its capabilities, the machine is really used to create some highly geometric shapes and undercuts. I am also including a picture of that as well.


When I first read the original post I thought too myself “here’s someone who has read way too many articles about social media and viral marketing, too bad he didn’t get it right”. Still, I respect anyone paying attention and daring to try something new.

But I do have to applaud you for sticking around and facing the heat with dignity. More of that.

Oh, my favorite part was authenticity, all the guys in the video being enthusiastic about their service and seemingly down to earth lads. It was cheesy no doubt, but your second post made me see it for what it is.

Actually, now the cynic in me is wondering if this entire turn of events wasn’t actually planned and executed by an ad agency with actors and I’m totally falling for it :wink: Too bad I’m on the other side of the pond and can’t use the services anyway.

you haven’t begun to see cheesy. Thermofab is a solid vendor, but have a “super” cheesy video

I have thus learned not to knock vendors for cheesy videos.


I was @ MD&M east last year and some of the guys were saying that the porosity of the DMLS isn’t “there” yet as far as implants are concerned (from a regulatory standpoint). Am I to understand that you have made in-human DMLS parts?


If we had a dedicated machine that ran just 1 material we would be able to do the implantable. Because we are so new to the game and looking at growing…we can not afford to run just 1 material. We run 5 materials. Cobalt Chrome, 15-5 and 17-4 Stainless, Mar-raging Steel (tooling steel) and a Bronze Alloy.

I wish we can do implantable’s… Hopefully someday we will get there, of course because of my amazing video lol.

Thanks for your feedback, it really does mean a lot to me. It’s nice for people to see we are professional, do great work but are very enthusiastic about what we have here!

Chris…What is it you do? We may have the possibility to collaborate in the future.


PS. Chris. We just got back from MD&M West. How was EAST?


Hello?? What is going on here?
Sorry for being harsh but…

this is still just a another sales pitch with a sobby story, disguised as some “video critique”.
I appreciate all you’re saying but last time I checked, Core did not allow any obvious corporate a advertising.

I fear for the day other sales people find out that they can cheese their way into these forums.

Naw no sales pitch, just trying to get feedback on the video we put up. The crew will be here tomorrow. You will see I take your comments as a factor. We will be editing the video and you will see the end video.

There is no sales here as most the people on this site already know DMLS. If you don’t then you can learn more by watching the video.

My goal ultimately is to educate everyone the benefits of the process and what it can achieve for you, if I do get sales out of it then so be it, but if you look at it in another aspect as me teaching you something that could be saving you thousands of dollars then really would you be so upset that I put this video up?

As a moderator, I could have killed this thread for overt commercialism, but there was good dialog on implantable parts and a decent (albeit a bit cheesy) video on DMLS. I actually like these types of videos… So as long as there something good that comes from the post, it’s okay by me.


Thanks for the info. I’m a Mechanical Engineer in a design firm, and I’ll keep GPI in mind.

Oh boy Tim, getting yourself in hot water. I did watch the video and it is not the cheesiest, that was done by some FDM guys. It was a good chance for some of our guys to see the EOS M270 in action. Any plans to run titanium or is Tom still the only one doing it? Also, how much machine time did those 2 screws take? It looks like the machine time might be comparable to a small SLA?

Hey Andrew,

The screws too 6 hours the price on the screws were $900 for a set of 2 of them so a total of 4 parts.

We can run titanium, it just isnt a big call for us. The titanium uses an argon atmosphere and an additional filter.

Nobody is running aluminum yet in the whole world yet that same extended machine can do it!

Thanks for the feedback Andrew, as always YOU ROCK.


So I took all your comments into thought, edited the video and BAM here it is. I know it still might be a little cheesy, however you can tell we made some big changes. Here’s the deal. If you can guess JUST 2 of the changes we made, I’ll hook you up with a $50.00 credit toward any prototype service here at GPI. It may not seem like a lot but hey it’s something (also a thank you for taking the time in watching both videos). Rate the video on youtube please and post a comment. If you are guessing on the 2 changes then please add me to your network on linkedin using this email.

Here is the Link. Please let me know what you think. (yeah I made that rhyme)

Thank you so much for participating, your feedback obviously was taken into effect, which is why I edited the video. I appreciate it very much!