DIY puffer jacket

Saw this Merrel product and liked the idea…maybe old news but I thought i’d post anyway.

Moving Nylon can be noisy enough, especialy if it was stuffed with chip packets!

Old newsprint would be quieter , warmer and more suitable perhaps.

I think it’s ment more for dead leaves.

Hmm…I’d be uneasy about putting any organic matter in my coat.

I agree that newspaper would probably be the way to go. Or perhaps the mounds of plastic shopping bags that many (myself included) still have stockpiled for the forthcoming Armageddon. The bags would give the translucent coat a strange plastic-camouflage look.

Then again, if you used newspaper, you would never be far from reading material.

I think the concept could work, it’s definitely a new spin on recycling.


this could be cool depending on how creative the wearer is. maybe they could put up a website showing pictures of creative fillings and how it looks on the owner.

I’ll take it one further.
After filling the jacket with refuse, and the resulting mouse infestation, you could wire it to reclaim the energy of the struggling mice and power your MP3 player.

oh man you could fill it with…
-that shredded money that they sell in gift shops at the mint
-iPhones and other iDevices all aglow
-junk mail
-lucky rabbits feet
-cotton candy

mmm cotton candy.

will the newspapers be up to date??? for the practical purpose…whats the filing system?

For me, I’d collect all my reciets in it…

I think this is a really innovative alternative approach. Sweet!

I suppose it could be used as a portable laundry basket…

But I doubt very much whether anybody would be able to find a filling that could even come close to Nature’s present thermal solution of feathers!
(I’m sure all those birdies floating around on the surface of icy cold water would testify to this!)

Of all the physical things I’ve owned in this world to date, I feel nothing has served me better and more often than my northface / RAB down jackets.

Long live our feathered friends is what i say!

Actually, I think this idea is kind of interesting…

Maybe it’s something like this. You get this thin shell for the Summer and as the weeks go by all your rubbish-napkins-grocery bags-etc go into the various compartments. Come Winter, your coat has grown in thickness and insulation…just like a real bird. aww.

… and then you de stuff it for a light spring shell again… I like it, not sure I’d want it to be translucent, but it shows the concept off.

For that perfect camo look, mix 2 plastic bags from Whole Foods, with 3 from Shop Right, and 1 from Zabar’s…

I tried researching this item on their website but since it’s a concept there is no information as of yet.

I think the concept is good but what interests me is the size of the storage compartments, they seem large making stuffing them a challenge.

As with anything gravity rules :slight_smile: and water finds a way into things not sealed. This jacket doesn’t seem to be sealed ruling out anything organic, the pockets are so larges that you would need to over stuff it with feathers and then deal with the water seepage issues. I would think paper falls into this arena also.

The only real stuffing material would appear to be plastic baggies or such. You’ll need a crap load of them in order for this to have any type of shape and not clump up at the bottom of each compartment.

This is taking the usage approach of a city dweller but if I were in the woods and stranded this jacket would be a life savor. Pull it out of my pocket and fill it with grass, leaves or whatever I could get my hands on in order to stay warm.

Very cool indeed.