DIY 3D scanner.. my results

I did a search to see if there have been any other discussions here but couldn’t find anything…
I came across this free 3D scanner a long time ago and have finally gotten a chance to give it a try.
Check out there site

The program is free if you want to try it out and see what results you can get…If you want to export the mesh files OBJ, STL you will have to buy the license for 199 euros or US $287.

I toyed around with it for a little bit, rigged up some stuff and got AWESOME results…

I spent some time investigating the site and reading up on the different methods and equipment people used and I decided on the logitech 9000 pro Web cam and a $4 focusable laser line from dealextreme. I also found an egg timer ($10) to give me a consistent rotation for the laser. During my test period I rigged up a mechanism to mount everything using hot glue, foam core and pipe clamps… (No pictures sorry)

After getting some great results I decided to buy the license and it is extremely worth it considering the next cheapest commercial scanner is $2449. Here is an interesting comparison between David and the Next engine scanner. David Vs Next engine

I then designed a nice mounting clamp and attachment mechanism to hold my laser and egg timer. I then cut it out of ren foam… here is my set up and some of my results.

Here are the results. I scanned an 18" iron man model. The chest piece is about 4" tall and I also scanned half of a 91 Honda CR-X bumper that is about 36" tall. The bumper was done pretty quick just so I can test a few settings and the results came out ok. Some wavy bits but a little more tweaking and it should be good. The image of the bumper is after I brought it into Alias and mirrored it. it has cross section lines added by alias to visualize it.


I bought the software last summer and messed with it a bit, but school started and got too busy since so haven’t messed with it much lately. The program is nice, cheap, lots of potential. Great for experimentation for future projects.

Here’s my version of a remote controlled laser mount scanning device, crudely built from foamcore:

My quick scanning result:

Nice motorized set up… There is now an option to get rid of the calibration panels if you have a motorized setup. I don’t know much about that process but its pretty interesting.

Got the model all scanned in and started to rebuild it in alias. Not much progress on that end but school stuff takes priority right now. My plan is to build it and mill out a 3 foot model.


Awesome! Thanks for posting this!