DIT Graduate exhibition - Ireland

My college is exhibiting this year in Dublin, Ireland. Product Design, Interior and Graphic design is all on show.

here is a link to the exhibition

On a random note, I’ve been sharing the studio with final year interior and product design students, and I’m really surprised that there are so many of them! Only a few were turning up in the studio for the required lectures/feedback sessions :astonished:

Thanks for posting the link. Always good to see what it going on in other schools.

After looking through it I suspect that your school seems to suffer from the same issue as many others when it comes to degree show websites. That images for the website have to be submitted way to early in the process so that the website can be up by the time of the show.
This results in visuals that are not ready to be shown and do not really do a good job representing the work or the department.
When I was in this situation, I basically only posted a link to my own website where I had full control.