disturbing surgery concepts

Human “modification” by design. Found a link to this on another forum, definitely just a hypothetical thing, but does point out some disturbing possiblities for technology.

!!!Warning, some images in the products category may be considered obscene by some!!! Best not to open at work.

Very disturbing. Those images strike a nerve, that’s for sure. It’s not that they are gross or anything, but they just aren’t “right.”

My question is who created this site? Who makes up this pseudo-company?

It’s like human 2.0.

Reminds me of my favorite line from “Rules of attraction”

Rupert: Get it straight, fuckhead: I need you like I need an asshole on my elbow.

[puts elbow in Sean’s face]
Rupert: Right here. On my elbow. An asshole. That’s how much I need you.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

…and as with many products targeted to women, simplecunt appears to be designed by a dude. it’s streamlined to the point of obliterating clitoris and nerve packed labia…now it’s a fucking hole, literally. None of those pesky folds, just slide it in and enjoy the ride.

eta. I did miss the lust section…but cunttongue is also for the pleasure of the man only…where are the “cocks”? me asks.

eta2. also the selection of words. simpletooth and simplecunt aren’t in the same word “family”. I love me some concept work that puts women down. And cocks and testicles are so f’ing precious we can’t even fathom altering 'em in photoshop.

Definitely one sided. Most guys are so insecure about their parts, it’s hidden as part of the culture. Imagine if we had to wear pants that showed our parts the way women do with pants and shirts.

lame fantasy bullshit.

Sombody with too much time on his hands!

I was on another site and there was a debate over if this was for real!


actually, it’s not amusing,

it’s masogonistic and sad.

i dont think the propositions on the site are that far removed from tattoos, piercings or cosmetic surgery. and i bet there are plenty of individuals in the fetish community who would go for some of the concepts. i for one am not really disturbed by these images, having grown up with ‘guyver’ and ‘witchblade’ and other fantasy stuff. heheh, i think i might even applaude it! sure makes for a very interesting future :wink:

i was saying that it was amusing that people were debating over whether this was real or not.

as far as being masogonistic, i would agree, but some of these are simply exagerrated versions of the ideas behind many elective plastic surgeries that currently take place.

i view “simplecunt,” for example, as a commentary on elective labiaplasty.
which stems from (among other things) societal pressures on women.
so, this work is in part, making the same argument that you are as i see it.
-perception, perspective, context…etc.

ID out

Frankly, I think the most disturbing one there is the simplenose – something about is is just too goddamn creepy.

Shock art at its best; how long do you think it’ll be before this makes the usual e-mail “WARNING! FORWARD THIS TO ALL THOSE YOU KNOW AND LOVE FOR THEIR OWN SAKE!” rounds?

I hate those “latest terrifying thing to worry about!” spams more than any of the others. It just preys on the orange alert/stock up on antivirals/terroristterrroristterrorist fear-based bullshit culture in the USA today. Makes me sick.

uhm, masogonistic? im not a native english speaker, can someone enlighten me? sure couldnt find this word on the net. unless were talking about ‘misogyny’ and its derivatives. thanks in advance!

misogyny, misogynist (ic), misogynous … while I don’t hate women, as I grow older I find that I have become misogamistic.

Truely odd,

What is weirder, that people will someday actually offer and perform these surgeries, or that people some day will actually pay for them?

Someone once said something to the effect that ethics is the way we wish humans thought, but capitalism is how we actually do think.

It is kind of the Wallmart effect. When Walmart announces they are coming to town people complain, they boycott, they write opEd pieces for their local paper, but come opening day, there is a line to get in. As people in a capitalist economy we have the right of choice. The ability to choose with our dollars what to condone and what to condemn. Business simply responds to our choices making more Wallmarts and plastic surgeons, or making more Patagonias and Homeless shelters. With choice comes responsibility, but no one seems to care about that end of the bargain.

SciFi writers have been predicting stuff like this for years, reality will catch up eventually.

I have to admit, I’ve thought abut that simple tooth concept, I mean, if you are going to get dentures, why not simplify the care of them instead of making these fake teeth that crap gets caught in, it is spooky though.