Disruptive Technology examples

I am looking for examples of disruptive technology in a Business to Business (B2B) model. I want to show a progression and evolution much like things such as communication i.e smoke signals - pony express - telegraph - phone - cell phone (just an example not complete)


“Technology” seems to have more translations than just “tech,” i.e. Management is considered a “technology.” I’m not sure if this will help, or if it’s even applicable to what you’re looking for, but I always saw Henry Ford’s approach to manufacturing as being disruptive, and Just-in-Time (JIT) Manufacturing would follow down the line. Hope that helps; if not, please ignore.

even within an industry…

higher manufacturing and maintenance cost
greater operating costs
greater maintenance infrastructure
grater fueling infrastructure
greater operating labor costs

lower manufacturing cost
significantly cheaper maintenance costs
lower operating labor cost

Shipping Containers.
Standardisation eventually affected shipping routes and port locations. This is a good history:
“The Box”