Displaying Tools

I figured I would ask here since i have no idea who else to ask. I have a set of ancient jack planes, moulding planes, adzes, etc… I’m trying to figure out how to display them on the wall. The problem comes in that the most interesting part of the moulding planes is their profiles. Are there any other tool collectors out there that can let me in on the secret of displaying these guys. Short of making custom shelves for each of the planes i’m pretty low on ideas.

I’ve attached an image of the style of plane that I’m working with. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Whoa… those are gorgeous. It sounds like your whole collection belongs in the Worn Torn and Beautiful thread.

Excited to see how what you and others come up with.

hey sorry bout the confusion, those aren’t mine just a convenient picture form the web. My cameras shot I’ll try and upload some shots of what I’ve got. I might have to say mine are better :slight_smile:

I love old tools, and have a few planes that have come down through the family. I keep them wrapped in oil-paper so the irons don’t rust.

But if I were going to display them I think an individual shelf might be the thing; finish the leading edge of the shelf, with the plane, to display the edge it cuts, and then lay the plane on it’s side so you can see the iron. You’d more than likely want to be able to take it down to show it to someone, but make sure it’s secured to the shelf somehow, it would be a shame if it fell on the floor and damaged the edge (or someone’s foot).

An adze would be a bit more problematic…

Where do you intend to display them? On the shop wall? In your office? At home… ?

Can’t wait to see what you’ve got.

So this kind of irks me. The archaic hand tools I have still work yet the camera that was purchased 3 years ago is obsolete. Still working on getting some pictures up. Sketches will have to work for now I guess. LMO i’d love to see some pictures of the planes that you have. Old hand tools have always impressed me. I have a jack plane that my grandfather built, and it amazes me that every part can be fabricated and replaced by the user. Can you imagine if this was still true? We might all be out of work.

The tools would be displayed in my office/living room/bedroom. The joys of a studio apt I guess.
I like the idea of using the planes to make the edge of the shelf they sit on. I’m trying to decide either to use wood or ABS to make the shelving. I guess if I’m going to the trouble of making the shelves I should at least make them nice to look at instead of blending into the wall.

The adzes I think could be connected using a simple U attached to the wall. But I’m not 100 percent sure if I’d want to display them with their blades forward or to the side.

@Nurb I checked out that thread. everything on there looks fantastic! It makes you wonder what products that we design today are going to survive for future generations to admire. Once i get this rotten camera fixed I’ll throw some of my stuff up there.

@LMO I noticed the Herreshoff quote at the bottom of your post. Have you visited the Herreshoff Museum up here in Newport RI? Definitely worth taking a walk through. http://www.herreshoff.org/