I hope someone can post this on the Core77 homepage. It’s a new resource for creatives who need, or are offering, work space to get evacuees working again:


A bit from the site:

A resource for those in the creative industry recently displaced by the on-going situation in New Orleans and the surrounding region…

There are a lot of displaced individuals out there who’ve recently lost a great deal. Many of us watching the tragedy unfold have asked ourselves, “what can we do?” People have responded by offering shelter, a space in their homes. Many of the displaced–creative people like us–will have to start from scratch.

We wish to help by offering these people a space from which to earn a living, to re-establish self-sufficience… to get back on their feet. With this in mind, we have started this resource - a place where displaced individuals can be matched with those of us with some extra studio/office space, a desk (or table), a computer/phone/internet connection, or a handful of square feet from which they can start to work and continue to earn a living.

Please pass this on.


a growing collection of resources for artists, designers, and architects

on the cover now. thanks for the tip.

Just so you know, Displaced Designer is now affiliated with the AIGA’s Katrina efforts. The resource has grown tremendously in the past week. I hope some people here can contribute work space, supplies, etc.

The AIA and Archinect have resources for architects. The AIGA has organized to help graphic designers. What’s the IDSA doing to help industrial designers? Anyone know?

Okay, I know that iPods and whatnot are important, too, but it’s sort of depressing to have seen the Katrina post on the Core 77 homepage (the only one, and it ended up there because of this original post) just adge down the page over the course of days. Come on, people! This is a big deal, whether you’re in that area or not! There must be some sort of ID initiatives in response to this, plus it’s just major news. The design flaws alone (levy system, etc.) seem newsworthy. Please don’t forget about this situation.