Disney Mix Max

What do you think, is this laser etched?

Perhaps. Or screened. I can’t tell from the image, is there any distortion on the sides? Does it look like it was decorated befoe or after it was formed?

without a hand-inspection, i’d guess IMD

I have no idea… I’ve only seen this online. I just thought it might be laser since the line work is fairly delicate, and that different power levels can produce different colors. IMD makes sense though. Let me know if anyone sees one.

BTW - nice keypads, don’t you think?

Its also hard to tell because that looks like a rendering and not the real product.

mass production + graphic wraps around edges = in mold decorating.

Here are a good sites on In Mold Decorating…


or in mold labeling

or hydro immersion

or pictaflex


Thanks for the link Warren. I’m actually more interested in Laser Etching. Anyone ever use it? Any good vendors in China?