do you often use dishwasher? do you know why few chinese people use it?

no. not in a couple years. takes to long to fill it for a load. could only guess why Chinese dont.

any other opinions?

Maybe because many of the items the Chinese use to eat and cook with can’t or shouldn’t go in the dishwasher for instance:

Chopsticks (or any other wood utensils)
dishware that is not dishwasher safe.

Yes I use a dishwasher although not for my pots/pans/wok. Since there are only 2 of us I run it about once a week. I wait till it fills up.

Chinese like to steam food. So the food are stuck on teh dishes or bowl. Somtimes you have to scrub them very hard to get rid of the food on the dishes.

I don’t know much about China, as i have never been there.

But maybe the population is a factor.

As there is such a large inner city population, the mijority of people live in small apartments that do not have enough room for dishwashers.


Do Chinese-Americans also not use dishwashers?

I dont think room is a problem why Chinese dont use dishwasher. At fact, people live in mainland China live in big apartment. I still think it is the way they cook. Also maybe the items they use is an issue. Like Wok, rice cooker, soup cooker, they are all huge. Sometimes it is hard to put all of them inside a dishwasher at the same time.

I’ll tell you how Chinese people put their kitchen in order:
After dinner, he or she puts all the bowls, dishes and chopsticks into the sink or the wok, cleans the table, then adds water and some detergent into the sink or the wok, and begins to wash them. Almost at the same time, he or she uses the water or changes clean water and adds more detergent to clean the wok, the cover, even the kitchen range and other utensils.There is greasy dirt everywhere. How terrible it is! It is the different culinary culture that results in the washing problem.

maybe economics too. dishwasher is still a luxury item. we forget that in the West. factory workers earning wages living in company dorms dont need one. rural people usually poor and dont have plumbing. big city people already have or cant afford since cities are expensive places to live. different reasons for different groups.

i partly agree with ykh. My mom never had a dishwasher until two years ago. she never uses it for a few reasons: it is faster to just wash them by hand, there is no point in ‘washing dishes to put them in the dishwasher’, the amount of dishes you actually have (ie if your dishwasher has 3 plates in it, and you need one of them, youre more likely to just wash it by hand than starting the dishwasher). It goes against habit. For some people dishwashers are a habit, for others they’re not.

hope some of this made sense

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