Discussions on Gravity Research

I’ve recently created a Web site for the discussion of product design, architecture and transportation applications related to research being funded by the European Space Agency and US Air Force Office of Scientific Research. The topic of the research is Gravity Modification. This is real, peer-reviewed science with potential application perhaps 5 to 10 years out. It’s on-the-edge yet still very plausible.

If any designer is interested in adding to the discussion, let me suggest you first link to this chapter on Every Uses: http://www.gravitymodification.com/Gravity_Modification/Disc_Everyday/Disc_Everyday.html. From there you can browse other discussion chapters.

I’ll add relevant comments from here to the site, or you can comment directly in the site. But the comments will be actively moderated and edited to keep the discussions on topics related to the research.


You link does not work. I think it’s interesting that science still does not know what gravity is. We can make rules about it’s pull but we don’t know what causes it.

Thanks, Bart. I dropped the “l” of html. Here it is: