Discussion Board Posting Standards

Welcome to the Core77 Discussion Forums!
These forums are a place to discuss design, focused on Industrial Design in it’s many forms and genres. We welcome all kinds of conversations about design; in-depth analysis, thoughtful discussion, friendly critique and sharing of information and content. Our goal is to be a conversation platform for those that have an interest in design and fuel the growth and development of our industry through discourse.

Who We Are:
The forums have been in operation for about a decade, with a 10,000+ membership. Membership includes professional designers, students, prospective students, enthusiasts and connoisseurs of design. Membership is free and open to all. The moderator team ensures an amicable and open yet critical and honest level of discussion. Please read further to best understand the community standards to ensure you get the most from your participation.

About the Moderator Team:
The Core77 Discussion Board Moderator Team is a 100% volunteer group of individuals whose goal is to build and maintain a healthy discussion community. The team is diverse in terms of geography, experience level, and experience type. Our goal is to keep the forum free of spam, to help move conversations forward by adding our point of view, to connect members and to promote and maintain a professional level of discourse that encourages an active participatory atmosphere.

All of the moderators were once regular members who were noted for their consistently helpful posts. The current moderator team nominates and elects new moderators from current members who they feel have a consistent track record for posting professional helpful responses, encouraging discussion and have gained the respect of the community.

Moderators reserve the right to edit, and delete posts that do not conform to our standards. We rarely do, but posts or users that are offensive, SPAM or do not meet our standards may be deleted, or immediately banned at moderator discretion.

Getting Around:
The site is broken into 20+ forums to help guide users to find the kinds of topics they wish to read about and discuss. These cover a broad array from employment and schooling issues, to specific types of design like transportation, footwear, and consumer electronics, as well as skill development. Topics with a more broad appeal are posted in the general forum.

If you are a new member, spend some time pursuing and use the search feature to search for topics that you might want to add your point of view and knowledge to. Many common topics have been discussed at great length in the past (ie. “what do you think of school X”?), so please look before posting. Some discussion threads are quite old, and we love it when old topics are updated. Often the best way to get started is to jump into an existing conversation. We love fresh points of view, so jump in!

How to Contribute:
We welcome a wide scope of discussion. We aim for a professional standard of conversation the encourages an open, participatory atmosphere. You will find discussions with both depth and breadth across and within topics. To maximize the value of your contribution we encourage –

  1. Thoughtful discussion and depth of commentary. You don’t need to write a Ph.D. thesis in every post, but if you are offering an opinion, some rationale or explanation of your point of view is greatly appreciated. Comments such as “it sucks” add nothing to the conversation. If you are asking for feedback, please give as much information about your situation as possible. Links to portfolios, supporting documentation and relevant information are greatly appreciated.

  2. Keeping the discussion on topic. Please always keep in mind the topic title and original post when replying. While conversations sometime veer off course, please try to keep things on topic or start a new topic if your comment deserves it.

  3. Respect for others. Personal attacks, antagonism, defamatory comments…Don’t do it. Offline or on, ad-hominem attacks degrade any discussion. Discuss the topic, don’t attack the person. Life is too short. If you can, why not be nice?

  4. Sharing your personal experience and perspective. While we do allow anonymous posting and creating an avatar under a pseudonym, we also encourage signed comments and profiles. Putting your name under your comment often adds credibility, accountability and a level of respect that brings more professionalism and personality to the forums. If you have something to say that you wouldn’t wear on a T-shirt, maybe you shouldn’t say it.

How Not to Contribute:
We are very tolerant of differing views and opinions, but there are some things we do not tolerate at all. Offenders may be warned or immediately banned. Ultimately the moderators have final say, but as a guideline, please avoid –

  1. Overt self-promotion and advertising. A short link to your studio, blog, portfolio or product in your signature is fine as long as it is relevant and your comment is the focus of your post. A new user with a 2 word post and several links in the signature will most likely be immediately banned. Don’t distract from the content. Overly distracting animated gifs are discouraged in both signatures and avatars, and images are not allowed in signatures. Please keep your signatures to a simple link or two and a simple line of text or two. Make your statement with your post, not your signature! Judgement is up to our moderator team.

  2. SPAM. You know what it is. Don’t do it. If you find SPAM, please do not respond to it, it only makes the moderators’ job more difficult. We do our best to delete all SPAM as soon as possible.

  3. Trolling. Comments that only serve to be provocative, anger others, insult or defame will not be tolerated.

  4. Commercial Activities. No direct selling of goods and services.

  5. No job postings. Please use our sister site: http://www.coroflot.com Links to a coroflot post are great though.

  6. Multi-posting. Have a really important message that seems to fit in multiple different discussion forms? Don’t post it in all of them, choose one.

The Core77 Discussion Forums are a resource that is made great by its users. Please remember all users are people and most likely people like yourself. Keep discussions positive, professional and constructive and together we can share our love of Design.

Thank you for reading, joining, sharing and posting.

Core77 Discussions Forum Moderator Team

@Niti_Bhan I’m not sure how many replies a user needs to make before they unlock the ability to make new topics and post links (@shaggy I think set it but I forgot the number) but I manually bumped your from new user to full member so you should have access to those features now.

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Thank you!

Very much appreciated!

ps. thank you for replying to a question I thought was weird and deleted ;p

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All good. It was a good question. We implemented some new things on the back end this year to help reduce spam but sometimes it makes it a little harder for members with only a few posts.

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