discouraging employment?

I have a general question for those of you working in industry ans specifically if anyone has a background in HR. Im still a student in school but looking to enter the work force soon. On to my question, embarassing as it is to admit I was arrested for public intox awhile back. It was obviously a big mistake and huge regret for me, Im 22 and was leaving the bars after a few drinks celebrating the end of a big project. Anyways my court date is coming up and I wanted to know how bad having a public intox on my record will be when I go looking for a job? Will this severely handicap my employment opportunities or will a potential employ be understanding? Thanks for any feedback or advice! This has been a huge burden on my as im hoping one short-sighted mistake hasn’t derailed my chances of realizing my dream

Now this is definitely something that would depend on where you are at (these things vary between countries), the type of the work, the culture of the company you are applying at, the route you are taking with the application, and the nature of the public intoxication … or so I presume, but then again I’m not working in HR.

I can’t imagine it having too much of an impact though. But then again, where I’m from they usually put you behind bars for the night and let you go once you have sobered up, with no one the wiser. (Or so I’ve heard)

It would be a bigger mistake to post the pictures on Facebook. Project past it and move on, it will not be checked.

Don’t worry about it. See it as a life experience presumably not shared by most of your coworkers. As long as you’ve learned from it, any experience is valuable imho. I wouldn’t even want to to work for the stiff organisation that would be put off by a college student trying his limits. Besides, didn’t a certain president do cocaine during college? :wink: (not an encouragement!)

Large corporations are going to be more by the book, and a director will have to go to bat for you to get you hired. so, if it happens be apprreciative.
But other than that it shouldn’t be much of an issue really. Put your energy into your portfolio, not worrying about your prospects.

It will be an issue if you continue to rack them up, otherwise learn a lesson and move on. I know a few designers who have DUI’s and one with a manslaughter hit. They have jobs.

This depends on your country - in most cases in the USA, a typical corporate background check will not reveal anything that wasn’t a felony - so that type of charge shouldn’t even show up.

Im in the US for reference. Thanks for he insight everyone, I found it very helpful and I really appreciate it!